Gifts of Grace

Tired of meaningless mass-produced throwaway gifts? Then Gifts of Grace is for you! Now you can give gifts to those close to you that help someone far away. What a wonderful way to share your values and bring love to life!

Child Clothing Pack

Clothing and care

Ayane is 7 years old and lives in a refugee camp in Djibouti. 


Four-legged fertiliser factory

Goats make great gifts! They are excellent breeders.

Riverbed Farming

A farm in a river

In Nepal, after the monsoons, there is a dry season. It runs from November to May, and many riverbeds lie dry and unused for a whole 7 months ...

Village Partnership

Partner a village!

Through ALWS, you can partner a village in Cambodia. You will support them for 12 months as they complete the project their community needs most.

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