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You receive packs of 7 Grace Cards recycled from unused cards, and packed by volunteers. PLUS you can have as many as you like!

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Be one of the first 500 people to order Gifts of Grace – and receive a COVID-19 mask sewn from African fabric by former refugees like Aminata.

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It's easy to let your church, school or community group know about Gifts of Grace. Powerpoint slides, bulletin inserts and newsletter notices available now!

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Welcome meals

Hungry for help

Welcome refugees at the Reception Centre with 3 hot meals a day for 5 days.

COVID clean

Tap a tank

25% of child deaths in Indonesia are caused by diarrhoea, from dirty water.

School lunches

What's for lunch?

Support children living in Displaced Persons Camps in Somalia to attend school.

COVID-19 clinic

COVID-19 Clinic

COVID-19 has stretched local clinics in remote regions of Indonesia.

Prefer paper?

If you'd rather flick through a physical copy of our Gifts of Grace catalogue, you can download it here OR contact us to request your FREE copy in the post!

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