Gifts of Grace

Tired of meaningless mass-produced throwaway gifts? Then Gifts of Grace is for you! Now you can give gifts to those close to you that help someone far away. What a wonderful way to share your values and bring love to life!

50 Hot Meals

Food for 50 friends

When refugees arrive at Kakuma in Kenya, they are tired, hungry and scared. You can care for these far-away friends by welcoming them with hot, nourishing meals.

Child Clothing Pack

Clothing and care

Ayane is 7 years old and lives in a refugee camp in Djibouti. You can help care for her with a blanket, shoes and a dress.


Teens team-up

At Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, people from different countries and cultures must live closely together. One way to help young people come together is through sport.


Four-legged fertiliser factory

Goats make great gifts! They provide milk and meat... yet you might be surprised which part families value most!

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