Help provided farm essentials, improved seed varieties, basic farm tools, Farmer Field Schools and farm-start loans.

Your Grain Helps Others Grow

As a farmer, you probably wish you could give your help direct to poor families overseas. No middle man. No ‘overheads’. Just your grain on a ship to Africa or Asia.

Sadly, transport costs, custom duties and good development practice make this an impractical and inefficient way to help.

The good news is you can now help farmer to farmer through ALWS!

It’s easy. Simply transfer a portion of your harvest to ALWS, using the National Grower Register (NGR) system. ALWS will sell the grain donated by you and other Australian farmers, and use the proceeds to directly help farmers in ALWS-supported projects in countries like Cambodia, Burundi and South Sudan.

Your grain will generate farm essentials like improved seed varieties, basic farm tools, Farmer Field Schools in agricultural techniques, farm-start loans for rice-farming or vegetable-growing or raising pigs/chickens/ducks/even fish!

ALWS Farmers for Farmers means your grain helps others grow!

What To Do Next

As you manage your grain in your bulk handler, simply transfer an amount to ALWS. You can do this at the silo using the ALWS NGR # (below) OR on-line using a ‘Warehouse to Warehouse’ grain transfer form from your bulk handler.

  • ALWS NGR #: 13363329

  • ‘Buyer’ name: ALWS

  • Address:PO Box 488

  • Albury NSW 2640

  • Phone: 02 6021 5329

  • FAX: 02 6021 4504

  • Contact: Russell Noske

  • Your grain will be combined with that from other generous Australian farmers, and sold for the best return immediately after harvest.
  • Proceeds will support ALWS projects directly helping farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries, like Cambodia, Nepal, Burundi and South Sudan.
  • ALWS will report back at the end of the Financial Year on prices realised, and farmers helped by the projects you support through Farmers for Farmers. Please note – donations of grain are not tax-deductible.

What you Achieve

Seeds & Grains

You can provide farmers with improved seed varieties like cabbage, onions, beans, sweet potato, cassava and matuba maize. Training helps increase food production.

Investment needed for 10 farmers @ $30 each

1 Tonne Wheat

Farmer School

Sponsor 13 days of Farmer Field School (delivered over 4 months) in Cambodia. Up to 30 farmers are trained in animal husbandry, new plant varieties, managing insect pests and plant disease, plus soil enrichment.

To provide one school costs $171

1 Tonne Barley

Farm-Start Loans

Offer women in Nepal small loans to start their own farm businesses. Ducks, chickens, goats and pigs are popular. Rice-farming and vegetable gardens provide food and extra income.

Loans average $50 for 10 farmers

1 Tonne Barley

The Farmers you Help

From Manure Good Things Grow

“I used to be a farmer. I grew sweet potatoes, lengalenga (amaranth) and tomatoes... but in small quantities. I used...

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Thank you for helping my family

Meet Niaman, a farmer in Indonesia who you support through ALWS. Niaman says... "Before CDRM&CDS' [ALWS' local partner] support we...

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Get in touch with ALWS

To find out more about how your grain can help others grow, please contact us using the form below or call 1300 763 407. Thank you!

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