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From Manure Good Things Grow

When you meet Musa in his village in Burundi, you meet a successful farmer providing for his family.

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From Manure Good Things Grow

“I used to be a farmer. I grew sweet potatoes, lengalenga (amaranth) and tomatoes… but in small quantities. I used to grow 1/2 hectare of corn and harvest 200 kilos. I didn’t have any organic manure.

After receiving the animals, on the same surface I have 500 kilos of corn. For beans, on 1/2 hectare I used to harvest 150 kilos and now I grow 450 kilos. 

I can really see the positive impact thanks to the training I received and the organic manure from the goats.

For vegetables, on 10-15 meters I couldn’t get good quality and made 45,000 BIF to 50,000 BIF profit. Now, I use organic manure on the same area and make 150,000 BIF profit.

Now I can really live on the money I make.

Before, my ambition was to harvest a large area, but I didn’t have the means to do it. Now I’m able to grow 1 hectare of corn. When I harvest, I leave it in the shed and I can store it until prices rise. I already have enough to eat. Part of the money goes on labor to help me cultivate my fields.

In my family, my children eat enough of everything and are in good health. It used to be difficult to feed my family, but it’s not a problem anymore. It was also hard to get clothes, but now I can buy them without any problem. I can look after my children when they fall ill.

Thank you very much…

… we’re very proud of your support and we’re hard at work and very encouraged to keep moving forward. Thank you for your support and visits. I’m delighted with the project and that you thought of us. All I can say is thank you!

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