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Hope Spot 8 – Why you are a sunflower!

Last weekend it was two years since the war in Ukraine started. ABC news reported the people of Ukraine felt ‘forgotten’…

Last weekend it was two years since the war in Ukraine started.


ABC news reported the people of Ukraine felt ‘forgotten’.


It’s true the world faces many crises right now …


… and media attention never lasts long


… and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, and wonder if you, as one person, can make a difference.


That’s why it’s important you watch this 4 minute video of your ALWS action for Ukraine, as part of the ACT Alliance of churches from around the world.


You’ll see courage and resilience, and faith come alive in acts of kindness and care.


This is a powerful witness to love in a world that seems so filled with hate.



The danger is that next week the media will have moved on from Ukraine, and the people hurt by the war will again feel forgotten.


That’s why ALWS will keep on working hard to help children of war.


Like the young Ukrainian girl you see in the photo, safe now in Poland. (Her drawing shows Ukraine’s national flower – the sunflower.)


Our next special effort is our ALWS Walk My Way Ukraine in Brisbane on 11 May.



You can register here to join the Walk:


  • 5 km along the beautiful Brisbane
  • 3km, if you are less mobile
  • help out as a volunteer
  • sponsor a Walker


You can even simply come along to our Ukrainian Community Hub to encourage Walkers:

QUT Gardens Point Campus
Multi-Purpose Outdoor Court
(near the Goodwill Bridge)
1pm – 5pm



If you can’t be in Brisbane for the Walk My Way Ukraine, you can support ALWS work for the people of Ukraine in the following ways:





Walk My Way Ukraine is just one way ALWS is reaching out to help children of war.


You not only help children from Ukraine …


… but children of war in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan … children in refugee camps in Kenya, fleeing conflict in the Horn of Africa … children in Myanmar, forced to live in Displaced Persons Camps.


You won’t hear about those children in the media …


… that’s why your love and kindness is so critical in making sure they are not forgotten. And that’s why you are a blessing ALWayS! Thank you!


PS: Late last year, a loved member of my extended family passed away. At her funeral, we were given sunflower seeds to plant.


You can see the result here – what a stunning symbol of joy and life!


The sunflower is also Ukraine’s national flower. It has special meaning because sunflowers turn to face the sun, so shadow falls behind them.   


If there is no sun, they turn to face each other.


I think the sunflower is a symbol of all you do for others through ALWS. Thank you!


PPS: Did you see your fellow ALWS supporter, and avid gardener – Paul Sabel, on ABC program Gardening Australia last Friday? If not, you can watch the wonderful 5 minute segment here!


How your donation is used wisely

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♥ Being careful with your care

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