Vacancies on the ALWS Board of Directors

Position Overview

The Standing Committee on Nominations, on behalf of the ALWS Board, is inviting nominations from people with

  • a deep commitment to the mission and values of the Lutheran Church of Australia (‘church’)
  • a passion for social justice and international service, and
  • relevant qualifications, experience and the time to commit to this governance role. 

ALWS serves as the overseas humanitarian aid and development agency of the church, translating the spirit of Christian love and faith of the church into effective services with and for those most in need (

A revised constitution recently adopted by the General Church Board  increases the number of board members to seven. Combined with the current ordained pastor’s term of office coming to an end, this has resulted in the following vacancies:

  • an ordained pastor serving in a congregation of the church
  • two lay members with knowledge and skills in one or more of the following: governance, change management, strategic marketing and fundraising, financial governance and planning and/or international aid and development.

ALWS seeks board membership from a cross-section of the districts of the church, and encourages nominations from people with a diverse range of perspectives. 

Experience living and working overseas in humanitarian assistance or community development is desirable. 

More Information

If you are interested in serving on this board, or if you know of someone who might be interested, contact the chair of the ALWS Board, Pastor Peter Hage 0466 303 999, for further information.

How to Apply

Please complete the nomination form found here and send to

Nominations close Friday 28 February 2020.

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