How do you want to be remembered?

Now you can keep blessing others
with a gift in your Will to ALWS.

"Don't forget those who are suffering,
but imagine you are there with them."

Hebrews 13:3b (CEV)

Lives you touch

Leaving a gift in your Will to ALWS means you can keep helping others
AND show the people you care about the values you hold most dear.


South Sudan

"My cooking started small, but it is growing. Now I have a restaurant, and hired four women to help me. My children have food, and I can pay school fees!

I feel good to those who have offered to help. Thank you for upgrading my life!"


Robin & Dorothy Mann, Australia

"It’s ‘prayer in action’ stuff - not just expecting God to fix it, it’s His Spirit empowering us to be a part of His work.

We are leaving a third of our Will to ALWS. We know ALWS does great work, and we are happy we can help that work continue.”


Nu Say Tar Rar,

"I want my children to have an education. That is why I am happy to see you provide materials and everything children need to go to school.

We are so happy that people in Australia help us.”


Peter & Robyn Renner, Australia

"I spent my working life in banks, so I know that wise careful planning can increase what we do for others using the blessings God has given us.

That’s why our Wills are so important. As we take care of our families, we can take care of others too."

Your kindness lives on

A gift in your Will to help others through ALWS is a wonderful way to show the people you care about the values you hold most dear.

Talk to your family about your plans now, so they can see why your ALWS work matters to you.

ALWS understands this is a sensitive subject, but you can be reassured that planning your Will carefully and clearly, with professional guidance, will relieve your family of worry, and free them to celebrate your life in the way you’d wish them to.

When the time comes for your gift to go to work to transform lives, ALWS will prepare a Commemorative Book for your family.

They will meet the kind of people you help, hear their stories, and see the lives you transform. It’s our prayer this will bring your loved ones a special joy as they see your kindness live on in the lives of others.

Thank you for thinking of others at this important time in your life. You bless the many lives you touch. Thank you!

What to do now

Consult a legal practitioner about your Will, and leaving a gift in your Will to help others through ALWS, after you have taken care of your family.

2 Talk to your family about your plans, so they can share your joy in what you will do to help others.

3 Your legal practitioner can then use the wording that follows to express your wishes:

“I hereby bequeath to the Lutheran World Service – Overseas Aid Fund of
the Australian Lutheran World Service of Somerset Drive, Albury New South
Wales (insert your bequest here – the whole of my estate / the residue of my
estate / % of my estate / sum of $…. / description of property) to be used by
ALWS in its mission of mercy to people who are the most vulnerable, and in
danger of being forgotten, in the world’s developing countries”.

Download wording

4 Tell us you have decided to leave a gift in your Will to ALWS. This means we can thank you properly, and update you on what your future gift will do for the people you help. Simply contact ALWS on: 1300 763 407 *

5 When the time comes, ALWS will prepare a Commemorative Book for your family so they can see the life-transforming work your gift in Will carries on, and share in the joy as they honour your memory.

Download Gift in Your Will brochure

Thank you for exploring how you can keep on helping people through ALWS with a gift in your Will.

Because a gift in your Will is one of the most personal and precious gifts you can ever give, we fully understand if you’d like to talk about it first!

Please feel welcome to contact us confidentially on 1300 763 407 or or use the form below. Thank you!

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