You see the changes in their lives you’re part of – especially in a country like Cambodia where many people must survive on $1 a day.

Phang Kunthea and her husband Mut Huy from Cambodia were this poor too – until they received some chickens and training from our partners Life With Dignity (LWD). In less than 12 months, Phang and Mut had sold five rounds of grown chickens – and earned the family $590! Phang says:

“We now know how to raise chickens and generate our own income … life is better!”

You can partner in this kind of change by setting up an automatic ALWS donation from your credit card or bank account. Give whatever you like, starting from $1 a day ($30 a month).  

You receive regular updates on how you are helping, and a statement of all your donations for the financial year in July, so you can claim your tax benefit.

  • To use your credit card to make a regular gift, simply choose your gift in the blue box to the side of this page, and click ‘Donate Now’.
  • To make a regular gift via your bank account, download your bank account authorisation form (for non-tax-deductible donations, please use this form). Once your form is completed & signed, please forward to ALWS. 

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