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You can bring new life in South Sudan

For just $18, you can support a refugee like Ayen to start a fresh new life.

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The 9:1 offer is now closed – but you can still help refugees in South Sudan start a new life.

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If you could sit in Ayen’s restaurant in South Sudan …

… she’d serve you chappati, zambuzza and mundazzi

… and tell you how you changed her life.

As you listened, you’d marvel that in this world of COVID-19 when there are so many things you and I can’t do …

your kindness can still change someone’s life forever.

You can read more about Ayen and her (your) restaurant in the e-magazine below …

… but first let me tell you about a NEW 9:1 Grant ALWS has won to help 5,667 people in South Sudan just like Ayen.

The limited offer 9:1 Grant means for just $18
you can support a refugee to start a fresh new life.

The person you help fled the conflict in South Sudan and has spent the last two years in refugee camps in Uganda. Now, it’s safe to return home, and you can be there to welcome them and support them to start life again.

For just $18 per person, the 9:1 Grant means you help:

  • provide school for children
  • supply water for the Health Centre
  • train skills the community needs
  • build peace and friendship.

What’s more your $18 per person also produces flow-on benefits for another 20 people!

Give online or call 1300 763 407 to give by phone.


When Ayen was just 14, poverty forced her parents to take her out of school. She had to leave home and go out into the bush to look after the family’s few remaining cattle.

Ayen says missing out on school meant that when she had her own children, she didn’t know the value of education.

When war came, Ayen and her children had to flee.

“We would run away to hide and then come back.
It was frightening for the children,
especially to see people being killed.”


Yet that was just the beginning for Ayen. Read the rest of her story in the e-magazine below:

If you read Ayen’s story in the e-magazine above, you’ll have seen her message of thanks to kind people like you:

“Thank you for upgrading my life.”


‘Upgrading my life.’

This is the difference you can make right now
for just $18 a person with the 9:1 Grant.

Your donation is part of an interlocking 4 Step Plan to make sure people can be safe and secure and support themselves (click to read).


If you click on the table, you can also see a map of where your 9:1 donation will go to work, and how it fits into our ALWS work across the region supporting people forced to be on the move.

Your gift – whether it’s $18 or $1,800 – has the power to help people like Ayen build a fresh new life for their family.

The two year project kicks off on 1 July, so your donation by Tuesday 30 June is critical to help meet our ALWS commitment of $100,000 to unlock total aid worth $952,320.

Give online or call 1300 763 407 now


ALWS aims to raise the $100,000 we need to match the 9:1 Grant by 30 June, so together we can support 5,667 people.

If all these people stood COVID-19 ‘social distance’ 1.5 metre apart
the line of people you and I help would be 8 kilometres long!

Each of those people you help has a name and a story …

… Ayen and her 4 staff restaurant

… Akeer who survived by tying food to her head, her child to her breast, and walking for a month

… 15 year old Aditi whose day of labour as a girl in South Sudan is a life no child deserves

… fisherman Deng whose family sits with full stomachs each night and blesses you for the fishing nets ALWS provided

… County Commissioner Louis who declares about you:

“There are people richer than you,
but because of your generous,
God-filled heart of mercy
you support the people of South Sudan.”


You can read the stories of all these people in the e-magazine above.

They are blessed with new life because people like you are kind…

… and now for just $18 a person you can offer that same new life to others who have lost everything.

The project kicks off 1 July, so please send your 9:1 donation by Tuesday 30 June. It costs just $18 to help one person, with flow-on benefits to another 20 people. Donations by 30 June are tax-deductible this year. 

Give online or call 1300 763 407 now

We welcome whatever you feel called and blessed to do. Thank you!


The 9:1 offer is now closed – but you can still help refugees in South Sudan start a new life.

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