published in Emergency on August 18, 2021

Afghanistan Crisis

Who knows what lies ahead for the people of Afghanistan? What’s certain is your kindness and care is critical now!



UPDATE 4: Friday 27 August

Terrorist attacks at the Kabul international airport have left 170 people dead and 150 people injured (Updated 30.8.21. Source: New York Times).

Action Plan for your ALWS help for Afghanistan received in last 48 hours from one of our ACT Alliance partners. 

The on-ground partner has decades of experience working in Afghanistan.


Working together through them, and with other partners:


    • 660 households
    • displaced from their homes
    • 4,620 people


    • women
    • elderly-headed households
    • widows
    • orphans
    • people with disabilities


    • Kabul City
    • many people are living in tents
    • others staying with family and friends already poor


    • one-off cash grant of $125 ($USD 90)
    • based on meeting needs of family of 7 for 30 days
    • families use this money to buy food and other household essentials
    • cash grant means they can buy what they decide they need most
    • this method of aid respects people’s dignity
    • the local economy is also supported

Time-frame Plan:

    • 25 August to 25 October


    • security situation
    • 40% of crops lost to drought (WFP)
    • one in 3 families face food insecurity (UN)
    • bitter winter is approaching fast


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UPDATE 3: Monday 23 August

ALWS has received communication from the partners we plan to work through in Afghanistan.

For security reasons, they have asked that details of their plans be kept confidential for now, along with the names of the partners. The photos that follow come from the front line …

Here you see families forced from their homes as IDPs (Internally Displaced People). They come from Hiland, Kundoz and Orizgan provinces.        

Photo: ACT Alliance / CWS Asia


The plan for your ALWS help is to join with churches from around the world through ACT Alliance, to help 50,000 families both within and outside Afghanistan.

It is clear high priority needs are likely to include:

  • food
  • shelter
  • household essentials
  • health
  • capacity building of local aid workers

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IDPs are forced to leave everything behind as they flee to safety. Here you see people from Kandahar, Helmand, Orozgan and Kundoz provinces.        

Photo: ACT Alliance / CWS Asia


Extensive consultations will be needed with local community leadership, to support security and effectiveness of aid-delivery teams.

The partners ALWS plans to work through have 30 years of experience serving in Afghanistan.


It’s vital the world does not forget the needs of people left behind in the Afghanistan crisis, like these IDPs in Saray. Girls and women are terrified of the uncertain future they face. You can imagine how confused children must be about what has happened to life.

Photo: ACT Alliance / CWS Asia


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  • Girls and women in Afghanistan – so fearful of what the future may hold
  • The elderly, sick, people with disabilities, children – the most vulnerable who are at risk of being forgotten in crises like this
  • Frontline aid workers – safety, and wisdom in dealing with difficult situations
  • Taliban leadership – that their hearts be moved, to lead the country with care and compassion
  • Military and civil forces who served in Afghanistan – comfort that their efforts weren’t in vain
  • Families who lost loved ones serving in Afghanistan – comfort
  • Australian Government – to be generous in rescuing and welcoming those at risk
  • Government leaders of all countries involved – wisdom, compassion, vision, generosity, grace

UPDATE 2: Friday 20 August

Your ALWS action is directed through ACT Alliance – churches from around the world, of many denominations, coming together to help people in need.



ACT Alliance reports the people of Afghanistan face ongoing challenges alongside the current crisis:

 390,000 people newly displaced since start of 2021

  • more than 1.5 million people forced back to Afghanistan from neighbouring Iran and Pakistan because of COVID-19 pandemic
  • total Internally Displaced People (IDPs): more than 4 million
  • civilian casualties increased by 47% in first half of 2021 compared to same period in 2020 (UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan)
  • victims of crossfire, Improvised Explosive Devices, bombings, assassinations
  • 46% of casualties were women and children
  • on 22 June, 30% of country declared a severe drought
  • wheat crop reduced by 2 million tonnes
  • 3 million livestock at risk of death
  • COVID-19: deaths – 7,025; cases – 152,142, from 3 January – 16 August (WHO)



Most ACT members in Afghanistan have worked there more than 30 years, and have strong deeply-rooted relationships with affected communities.

Action currently planned aims to:

  • focus on 50,000 families
  • forced from their homes
  • in Afghanistan and in neighbouring countries

Priority action includes:

  • extensive consultations with local community leadership (support security and effectiveness of aid-delivery teams)
  • food
  • shelter
  • household essentials
  • health
  • capacity building of local aid workers

Thank you for reading this update. It shows how deeply you care about the people of Afghanistan. If you wish to add a donation to your thoughts and prayers, donate here

SOURCE: ACT Alliance Alert – Bangkok, 18 August 2021

UPDATE 1: Wednesday 18 August 2021

As you’d understand, it is extremely challenging to take practical action to help people affected by the rapidly-evolving crisis in Afghanistan.

For now, this is what ALWS is doing on your behalf:



ALWS is working to join with church partners both here in Australia, and around the world, planning to provide help when able to those in danger from the Afghanistan crisis.

Our expectation is that help will be needed now, and in the months ahead when the situation becomes clearer. Action is likely to be required both within Afghanistan, and outside for people who feel forced to flee.

In crises like these, plans change and evolve according to the needs identified as local partners assess the on-the-ground situation.

Plans will be updated here as they become available. Previous experience in humanitarian crises indicate likely needs are for:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Household essentials

These may be required for both those forced to flee as refugees, and people remaining in Afghanistan.

ALWS recognises that girls and women may be at heightened risk, and that other vulnerable groups – the sick, the elderly, people with disabilities, may need special care.


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ALWS is supporting efforts of the Refugee Council of Australia to advocate to the Australian Parliament about rescuing those in immediate danger from the Afghanistan crisis.

Click here to see the letter ALWS has signed, along with 300 other organisations, including Lutheran Church Australia.



You help with practical care:

Your donation will help people in danger from the Afghanistan crisis, and will be used to support emergency and recovery efforts to protect people and support them to build better and safer lives. Any money raised beyond what is needed to respond to the Afghanistan crisis will be used in other ALWS aid and development projects to help people hurt by disaster, poverty and injustice.

Information in this communication is based on data correct at time of writing, and may change. Funds and other resources designated for the purpose of aid and development will be used only for those purposes and will not be used to promote a particular religious adherence or to support a political party, or to promote a candidate or organisation affiliated to a particular party, or to support welfare activities as defined by DFAT. For more information, call: 1300 763 407




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