The GRACE Project

What if you could give a refugee child the best gift ever? A gift that can change their world? An education.
Now you can. The GRACE Project is a brand new idea to Give Refugees A Chance with Education.

School for Alongi

Alongi lives at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Alongi is four years old. His family escaped conflict in Congo. While conditions in the refugee camp can be tough, the family is happy they are safe. There is food each day, clean water, and the chance to go to school.

The biggest challenge is the fact the average time someone stays as a refugee is 17 years.

That’s why school is so important for children.

School helps children recover from the horrors they have fled. They have fun, make new friends, follow a routine – and learn! Education is a gift no one can ever take away.

Through The GRACE Project you can support a refugee child at school for a year for $26.

Working together, our GRACE Goal in 2019 is to support 40,000 children in crisis to go to school … to ‘match’ the 40,000 children and young people in Lutheran schools in Australia.

As you explore The GRACE Project, you’ll see many ways you can help offer school to a child like Alongi. Yours is a gift that can change the world!

How you will help

Through The GRACE Project you support an integrated program to care for children from crisis to classroom. Meet the people you support, and see the help you give.


Train a Teacher

Eshetu is a refugee, and says he became a teacher because “I want to support the children”. You will help train more refugees to be teachers.


Care at Kindy

When Eugenie’s parents died, she and her sister were taken in by Pastor Issa and Jeanette. Your support from pre-school has Eugenie aiming to be a lawyer.



Elizabeth is 23 years old … but before help through ALWS had only completed Grade 1. Now you can help young people who missed out on school to catch up.


Build a school

Asende has 100 students in his class. But before help from Australia, the roof leaked and walls fell down. There were no desks or blackboard.

Choose what you do

All of us have different skills, interests and resources. That’s why The GRACE Project offers you many different ways to help refugee children go to school.

Walk My Way

How far would you go to help a refugee child go to school? 26 kilometres? Come Walk My Way with us in 2020 for fun, fellowship, food, and fundraising for refugee children. Various dates and places around Australia - or whenever and wherever suits you!

Longest Lutheran Lunch

On Sunday 27 October 2019, Lutheran churches across Australia and New Zealand open their doors to the community to share in a long lunch. The goal in 2019 is to use Longest Lunch to also raise funds to support refugee children to go to school.

Asante Afternoon

‘Asante’ is the Swahili word for ‘thank you’. An ‘Asante Afternoon’ is when ALWS visits a community share stories, songs and ‘sausage rolls’ to say thank you from the people you help. Feel free to invite ALWS to your community!

Awareness Resources

What if… you could find out more about refugees, and the reasons they are forced to flee? About life in a refugee camp from the people who live there? These awareness resources are perfect for teachers or for personal learning.

Refu.Me Challenge

Could you live as a refugee for a day? Receive your FREE ‘Passport’, and do 10 activities in one day to feel how tough life can be as a refugee. People sponsor you, and each $26 you raise helps support a refugee child to go to school. Perfect for students.

Help a child now

You can support a child to go from crisis to classroom. Your kindness can help train teachers, supply schoolbooks and uniforms, and provide extra care for children with special needs. Just $26 can help support a child for a year.

An Hour a Month

Many teachers in refugee camps are refugees themselves, with only basic education. They have classes of 100, and very few resources. Donate one hour a month of your wage / pension / pocket-money to help train a refugee to be a teacher.

You achieved this on 16 December – thank you!