Open Information Policy


ALWS believes that the people and partners to whom it is accountable have a right to information about who we are and what we do.

As a reflection of our commitment to be accountable to our supporters, partners, funders and other stakeholders, this policy aims to articulate the type of information which can be shared as well as those matters which, in the normal course of events, won’t be disclosed.

  1. GOAL

To ensure ALWS staff and governance is clear about what information will and will not be provided to its supporters, partners and other stakeholders.   


3.1   Basic Information about ALWS

Including who we are, where we work, what we do, vision and mission, guiding principles, goals and objectives.

This information will be available on the web-site, in the ALWS annual report and on request.

3.2   Governance

Including the names and professional qualifications of the Governing Board, the Board Advisory Group, and key management staff.

This information will be available on the web-site, and/or in the ALWS Annual Report, in the LCA Yearbook, and on request.

3.3   Key Policy Statements

The Privacy Policy, Child Protection Policy, and Complaints Policy and Procedures will be available on the ALWS web-site.

Other policy documents will be available on request from the ALWS Office.

3.4   Strategic Plans

Including the most current approved ALWS Strategic Plan.

This will be available on the ALWS web-site and on request from the ALWS Office.

3.5   Performance and Feedback

 Including regular, written feedback to supporters; updates on the ALWS web-site; and annual reports that: provide financial information about the organisation; a description of the activities undertaken during the year and their impact; and information about the effectiveness and learnings from any evaluation of activities.

This will be available through written communications, and/or on the ALWS web-site, and on request from the ALWS Office

3.6   Donors and Partners

Including information about ALWS’ major implementing partners, such as who they are, what they do and where they work.

Providing details of ALWS’ major institutional donors, such as who they are, and what ALWS programs they are supporting

This information will be available in the Annual Report on the ALWS web-site and on request from the ALWS Office.

3.7 Anonymous or Pseudonymous requests

According to Australian Privacy Principles 2, ‘Anonymity and Pseudonymity’, we will give individuals the option to interact with ALWS anonymously or by using a pseudonym unless an exception applies, especially in relation to sensitive information or when it is impracticable to deal with any individual who has not identified themselves or used a pseudonym (Refer ALWS Privacy Policy App 2 Internal Documents: Privacy Checklist).


ALWS has a duty to handle information responsibly and so certain information will be subject to restrictions on disclosure. Where we do not disclose information we will provide reasons.

Unless required to by law or the Australian Government, the type of information which ALWS will not disclose shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • The personal details of staff and supporters;
  • Intellectual property or other information provided to us under obligation of confidentiality;
  • Legal matters or issues under negotiation and investigation;
  • Any information which may be used maliciously against us;
  • Any information which could threaten the safety and security of both staff and the people with whom we work;
  • Any matters which may compromise our fundraising ability, such as release of information related to project tenders & submissions.
  • Any information which may be of a prejudicial nature to other organisations

The policy will be reviewed at least every three years.

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