published in EarthquakeEmergencyNatural DisasterWater on January 17, 2018

“You supplied what we needed”

When the 2010 earthquake struck Nerrati’s village in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, her husband was away working.

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“My message to the people in Australia is thank you very much because you supplied what we needed – water!”

“It was hard to face such danger with no husband, and a young baby. It was frightening. I ran. My children came close to me, and I held my baby tight until the morning.”

The earthquake in October 2010 caused a 3-metre-high tsunami, and left 20,000 people displaced, and more than 430 people killed.

Through ALWS, you have supported families like Nerrati’s to rebuild their homes and their lives.

“We lived in a tent for 6 months. Then, step by step we built this house.”

“I am not missing my old home because I feel safer here. But even though it is safer, there are difficulties to find water.”

“We must go to a spring far away, two times a day. There was no protection around the spring, so when many people use it, sometimes it dries up or gets really dirty because everyone makes it muddy.”

Through ALWS, you support communities like Nerrati’s to have water tanks and wells. Children stay healthy, and women and girls are protected from the risk of walking long distances.

Your help is delivered through our ALWS partner CDRM&CDS, who train local Lutheran churches to serve and support their communities. Nerrati, a Sunday School teacher, shares:
“Our Lutheran church was broken by the earthquake. But still our church gives people in our village support with clothes, blankets and sometimes food.