published in Village Partnership ProgramWater on January 24, 2018

The gift that goes further

Through ALWS, you can partner a village in Cambodia. You support them for 12 months as they complete the project their community needs most. Read how one country Lutheran church is giving this amazing gift to a community in Cambodia…

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Dennis and Helen from St Mark’s in Renmark meet the leaders of the Cambodian village their church partnered through ALWS. Together they built the spillway you see in the background.

When St Mark’s partnered a village in Cambodia through ALWS, the project they completed together was to build a spillway and dam.

Village leader, Satt Sarin, explained that more than 110 households who previously had no water have now directly benefitted from the spillway.

The water from the spillway means vegetable gardens can be irrigated, rice crops protected from drought, fishing businesses started … so families have a more secure income, and can afford to send their children to school.

Dennis and Helen McInerney from St Mark’s were part of an ALWS Village Partners tour to Cambodia in October 2017. They saw for themselves the impact our Australian action can have on people’s lives:
“It was an emotional time to see the working project, and hearing the difference it has made to their communities.

The project is now complete, and everything anticipated was fulfilled and more.
I was grateful for the opportunity to witness it, as it gives first hand testimony to the effectiveness of the partnerships,” shared Helen.

Other members of the tour had the same kind of reaction when they visited the villages they partnered:
“Partnering with villages… it works! I saw people with dignity.”

“The communities and villages were empowered to make better lifestyles for their families, and the development projects make a wonderful difference to the lives of community members.”

The good news is the water from the spillway St Mark’s supported is now helping villages further down the river too. As Mr Sarin says,
“The gift goes further than expected and keeps on giving”.