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Smiles for Somalia

Without you, the children of Somalia would have little reason to smile.

Without you, the children of Somalia would have little reason to smile.


For many years, these children of war have faced the threat of conflict and terror from the terrorist group Al Shabaab. Then, five years of drought killed families’ livestock, and destroyed their crops. Now, floods bring a new crisis.


Families continue to be forced to flee.


Tens of thousands crossed the border to Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps in Kenya, as Abdullahi did …


… while others still live inside Displaced Persons Camps in ‘safer’ parts of Somalia.


Through ALWS, you meet these children at the time of their greatest need.


At times of crisis, children with disabilities can suffer worst.


That’s why the kindness of people like you over Christmas was such a blessing. Your generosity, supported by a 5:1 Grant from the Australian Government, means:


  • 2,500 children with disabilities inside Displaced
    Persons Camps are now supported to go to school
  • another 1,000 younger Somali children with
    disabilities can receive the support they need.


These children can now look forward to:


  • Teachers trained in inclusive learning
  • Assistive devices like white canes and crutches
  • Ramps and rails to support mobility
  • Disability-friendly toilets


Abdullahi is receiving his support at Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, where he is in Grade 3. He loves school so much that his mum pushes him in his wheelchair each day, even when the desert sand is burning hot. Abdullahi studies Maths and English, but his favourite subject is Social Studies.


Thank you for giving this gift of schooling to so many children in Somalia – their smiles say thank you!


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