published in on May 31, 2023

Myanmar Crisis 5:1

Thanks to 5:1 Australian Government Grant, your impact is SIX TIMES as you support women to start businesses, and children to go to school…

In an area truly forgotten, the people of Myanmar greatly need our help, love and support.  

Two years ago, the political crisis in Myanmar created many significant challenges and dangers. The needs of the people you help through Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) increased dramatically after the devastating Cyclone Mocha struck Rakhine State in May. Sadly, the world looks away, and the people of Myanmar are forgotten.

The good news …

ALWS is truly blessed to be able to bring love to life in a big way because the Australian Government has awarded ALWS a new 5:1 grant for Myanmar. This means any money you donate has SIX TIMES the impact! 

The action currently being undertaken by ALWS and its partners in Myanmar includes educating children forced to live in displaced persons camps and empowering families to start businesses and expand farms.

Imagine being able to make such a huge difference from one act of generosity! 

You could help fund temporary learning spaces, teachers’ kits, or school kits for children, including items like pencils and pens, a backpack and exercise books – things we consider basic supplies when our children return to school.  

Your donation could provide pigs, goats, chickens and cows, or even go as far as to equip families to set up small businesses like hairdressers and motorcycle repairers so you can ensure that no family is left behind in poverty.  

Bring love to life in Myanmar by showing your support for the ALWS 5:1 Matching Grant! Thank you for working through ALWS to help ensure the people of Myanmar are not forgotten. 

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