published in Hope Spots 2024 on May 10, 2024

Hope Spot 16 – Walking the front line in Ukraine

Together, we’re helping families on the front line in Ukraine.

a fortnight ago I shared with you a story from Ukraine about the apartments you were renovating in Kharkiv through ALWS.


(The story was from ALWS Executive Director, Michael Stolz, called Boarded Windows.)


Tomorrow, (Saturday 11 May), more than 650 people will step out from central Brisbane in our ALWS Walk My Way Ukraine.


Our aim is to make sure the people of Ukraine are not forgotten, as we ‘walk my way’ for children of war who had to run away.


To help promote this ALWS action, Michael was interviewed on Vision Radio about his experiences meeting the Lutheran communities and LWF staff working on the front line for the people of Ukraine.


You can listen to the 14 minutes conversation with Michael Stolz below:



You’re also welcome to be part of Walk My Way Ukraine.


If you’re anywhere near Brisbane tomorrow:

  • Register to join the Walk
    (3km or 12.5km, starting at 1pm)


  • Volunteer as a Marshall – or call
    1300 763 407


  • Come to the QUT Garden Point Campus to cheer on Walkers and enjoy the Ukrainian Community Hub (1pm – 5pm)


If you’re elsewhere:

  • Donate for ALWS action in Ukraine


In these days, when it seems that conflict is all around us …


… in places like Ukraine, the Israel Gaza crisis, Myanmar and Bangladesh


… we can sometimes feel weary about the part we can play to care for children of war


…  who suffer so much, and are in danger of being forgotten by the world.


That’s why your heart for these children is such a precious blessing. ALWayS. Thank you!



How your donation is used wisely


♥ You help with practical care

You help with practical care: Your donation supports the work of ALWS for the children of war and families of Ukraine, working through the Lutheran World Federation. Should more money be raised than required for this project, any excess will be used in ALWS-supported projects to help children of war in other countries. Information in this communication is based on data correct at time of writing, and may change. Funds and other resources designated for the purpose of aid and development will be used only for those purposes and will not be used to promote a particular religious adherence or to support a political party, or to promote a candidate or organisation affiliated to a particular party, or to support welfare activities as defined by DFAT. For more information, call: 1300 763 407


♥ Being careful with your care

In 2023, ALWS ‘overheads’ (fundraising and administration costs as defined by ACFID Code of Conduct) were 15.27%. The 5 year average is 15.7%. A copy of the most current ALWS Annual Report can be viewed at or requested: 1300 763 407.


♥ Your privacy is important to us

ALWS collects personal information about you in order to process your gift. A copy of the ALWS Privacy Policy is available at If you don’t wish to receive further news from ALWS, simply call 1300 763 407 or write to

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) is The Overseas Aid & Development Agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia – ABN 36 660 551 871

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