School Food Farm


School Food Farm

Your very special Gifts of Grace grows
this School Kitchen Garden:

  • Set up School Club to care for School Garden
  • Prepare land – dig and partition the farm
  • Establish seed beds and sow vegetables
  • Water plants until ready for transplanting
  • Teach value of vegetables in a healthy diet
  • Sell surplus to buy essentials like salt and sugar
  • Veggies encourages parents to send children to school

More than a garden, you give a whole School Food Farm! Once it is set up, it is self-sustaining. Yours is a gift that keeps on growing!

“We water the vegetables every morning at 6.00am, after we shower and dress, but before we take breakfast. In the evening we water them mostly after dinner. We use a hose pipe connected to a water tap, and some of us use buckets and watering cans.” Tereza

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