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    Syrian RefugeesPhoto LWF Jordan

    An Oasis of Peace....

    The mural you see here was created by young Syrian refugees being given your care at Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan (from where Australia has begun accepting refugees).

    Our ALWS partner, Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Jordan has created a Peace Oasis at Za’atari to support young people as they work to cope with the trauma they have suffered.

    To ‘read’ the mural, start at the right hand side. Here you see how young people remember life used to be in Syria. The next panel shows the outbreak of war. Then, moving further to the left you see Za’atari Refugee Camp. It is the fourth panel on the mural – the dove of peace, the world reaching out to care – that we hope and pray for.

    The UNHCR reports 630,176 Syrian refugees in Jordan. 18% are in refugee camps. Winter is almost here, and temperatures will plummet. Refugees desperately need ‘winterisation’ materials – blankets, heaters, secure shelter. Your support to welcome these ‘strangers’ as friends is vital.

    South Sudan Refugee Crisis

    While the world focuses on the needs of people fleeing Syria, it’s vital we remember too the families hurt by the conflict in South Sudan. 1,660,141 people are currently displaced inside South Sudan, and another 643,828 people have fled the country since conflict broke out in 2013. What’s frightening is 3.9 million people in South Sudan face severe food insecurity. UNOCHA – 9 November 2015 . Through ALWS you can help people in danger inside South Sudan, and also those people who have fled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

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    Gifts of Grace

    Gifts of Grace is a fun, meaningful and exciting way for you to bless those close to you as you bless those far away. Whether you give Vegetable Seeds or a Long Drop Loo, Mosquito Net or Pre-school supplies, you can be certain your gift is changing lives!



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