TRIPLE your Kindness and help refugees in Bangladesh

Children, women and men in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are being forgotten. Governments of the world have turned away from people who have lost everything and cut aid to just $8 per family per month.

The people of Bangladesh are generous welcoming these children of war and their families ... but conditions are crammed. There are cyclones, floods, fire, and this awful feeling of being forgotten. That’s why ALWS is staying with the people.

Your practical kindness to children of war
forgotten by the world is now TRIPLED!

The "Nudge" you Give

Your work in the Bangladesh refugee camps uses the ‘Nudge’ approach.

This is a simple idea.

You inspire people by showing them how they can improve their family’s life. This little ‘push’ encourages them to get to work, and you then support them with training and start-up help.
This builds momentum for success!

You see the ‘Nudge’ approach at work in Elias. He was injured when a log fell and crushed his leg in the sawmill where he worked. In a refugee camp, it’s very hard for someone with disability to find work.

That’s why your ALWS action has a special program offering Cash-for-Work to people with disabilities to plant trees to restore the environment in the camp.

Once Elias got his ‘nudge’, he worked hard. In six months, he earned enough money to support his son, and also buy a pair of crutches to increase his mobility so he can start a fish business!
Now, Elias has a message for you:

“Before, I was living as a burden to my family. Now I can contribute. If this kind of beautiful initiative is taken, people with disability like me, who people think are backward, will get a chance to be established in society and come to the ranks of the front row!

I hope you will stay with us a long time.”

Your ALWS action helps make sure people who face the toughest conditions get the support they need to look after their children!

Who you will help

Your TRIPLED donation will help people most at risk.

This includes the elderly ... children (who are at risk from deadly disease spread by dirty water) ... people with disabilities ... and families headed by widows or abandoned women.

The ALWS partner tripling your donation is the Diaconia Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (DECCB).
Our prayer is that they will be joined by Church of Sweden, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and Bread for the World from Germany, as we build a safer world for all.

Together, our goal is to help 14,215 people.

This work is split 2/3 for refugees, and 1/3 for the Host Community, who have taken in all these people. Your support is not only TRIPLED, but there are flow-on benefits to another 72,664 people!

More than 2,000 of those we aim to help are children, under 17 years old.

It’s a bold target, and that’s why we must work together - ALWS with our $150,000 target, and you!

Here's how YOU can help

Drain Cleaning

Clean 10 meters of waste drains plus spray against mosquito larvae

Dignity Kit

Re-usable Sanitary Napkins / hand soap/ soap powder / bleach

Home Garden

Climate-smart agriculture training plus seeds, fertiliser, bamboo


Birds plus poultry house plus start-up feed

Business Start-Up

Weaving, hairdressing, solar panel repair – training plus equipment

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