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Hope Spot 2 – Home is where you heart is …

Yesterday I showed your work on the front line in Ukraine… Today, you can see inside the apartment you helped restore for Irinya

Yesterday I showed your work on the front line in Ukraine – repairing and renovating bombed-out apartments for families.

I introduced you to Irinya.

She was forced from her home with her two young children, because of the Russian bombs…


Today, you can see inside the apartment you helped restore for Irinya.

You can watch the video below…


The video is 13 minutes long …

… but worth every moment of your time.


You’ll need a box of tissues – especially at the 5 minute, 8.30 minute and 10.30 minute marks – because you will see you are rebuilding hearts, not just homes.


When you watch the news, and see the horrors of the world, you can feel far away, and powerless to make a difference …

… but in the video above you will see that through ALWS, and our partner LWF, working with UNHCR, you are right there on the front line in Ukraine. Renovating hundreds of apartments for families like Irinya’s.


Your kindness means Irinya’s home is where your heart is – thank you.


You are a blessing – yesterday, today, ALWayS!

PS: You can donate to help restore apartments in Ukraine here or register for our Walk My Way Ukraine in Brisbane on Saturday 11 May. Thank you!



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