Inspire your students to make a difference

Here at ALWS we are committed to providing schools with education resources that can inspire, equip and encourage students to explore their role in issues like social justice, human rights and development.

At the same time we recognize and work under the clear Biblical mandate to care for those less fortunate than ourselves, and our resources reflect this understanding.

ALWS ‘Awareness’ school resources are targeted across all levels of primary and secondary, and designed to integrate with states’ school curricula. 


Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

ALWS staff members are very happy to visit your school to deliver Chapel or classroom sessions. We can explore faith and service issues, specific areas of interest, or link closely to curriculum subjects. ALWS have two teachers to help write and deliver presentations to meet your teaching requirements. Simply contact: 1300 763 407 * 

Awareness Week

 ALWS Awareness Weeks

It doesn’t need to be a week, and it can be whenever suits you best … but here you’ll find a whole range of resources to inspire, inform and equip your students to be active and aware about justice and development. All year levels, linking in to a range of subject curriculum, focusing on a number of Australia-relevant countries.

Awareness Week 2018


This theme will allow students and teachers to 'meet' people and hear stories about how people have gone from just being survivors to now thriving in many parts of their day to day lives. When we think about it there are so many ways we can assist people living in poverty move from simply surviving to thriving. 

Awareness Week:  12th-16th March 2018 or when suitable for your school community.

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Awareness Week 2017

Walk My Way!

This theme will allow students and teachers to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ as they learn about why people in poor countries walk …. for food, water, health care, education, for safety and they learn about people living with disabilities and their ‘walk’ in life.
Awareness Week:  13th-17th March 2017 or when suitable for your school community 

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Awareness Week 2016

Goodness Grows - Our Planet, Our People, Our Purpose
Focus on our changing climate and the affects on poor and vulnerable people around the world.
Awareness Week:  7th-11th March 2016 or when suitable for your school community.

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Awareness Week 2015

  • Welcoming the Stranger
  • Focus – Refugees


Awareness Stockpile

  • All resources from past Awareness Weeks

Awareness Days

Awareness Days

ALWS are offering Awareness Days in all states of Australia in 2015.

Awareness Day is designed to challenge school leaders and students interested in social justice issues in ways that they can make a difference in this world. Awareness Days have whole group and small group activities, guest speakers, workshops, audio visual presentations, food and culture used to inform and challenge students about injustice in the world and what we can do to help.

The students who attend Awareness Day return to their schools fired-up for the work that can and is being done in the developing world. They often take a lead in service learning activities within the school.

Many schools have opted for their own Awareness Day in 2015 and others will continue to combine with other schools as we have done in the past. Please respond to e-mails regarding Awareness Days if applicable so adequate planning can take place.

We thank you all for your previous support to run the Awareness Day program.

The theme for Awareness Days in 2015 is Welcoming the Stranger.


Awareness Day Rotation Activity Resources  (Awareness Days 2012 - Food Matters)


Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

As students look to the world around them, they have many questions about poverty, justice, human rights and development. These resources enable you to explore these questions with authority and relevance, using real world examples, and leading to practical action.

Free Resources


Turning awareness into action

Turning awareness into action

This flexible, involving, contemporary action program offers schools and students a variety of exciting ways to raise money to transform people’s lives through ALWS. Our Community Action Officer can support your action initiatives, and we can also offer you a wide range of programs to support that link to your students’ interests.

Action Now


ALWS Student Christian Service and Learning Tours 2014


Universal Village Program - Cambodia

Australian Lutheran World Service are proud to announce a wonderful partnership with our Cambodian partners, Life With Dignity (LWD) so that more school groups can learn from people in Cambodia.  For a number of years, LWD have been working towards developing their Universal Village Program to take overseas visitors to rural areas.  They have been actively supporting visitors since 2016 in this program, while supporting team visits from ALWS since 2004.

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ALWS welcomes use of ALWS educational materials on this website for teaching and learning purposes. ALWS grants permission for teachers and Chaplains in Australian Lutheran Schools and Colleges, and LCA congregations, to use the material, noting the following two conditions:

  1. The user acknowledges the material has come from ALWS.
  2. The user should not change the meaning or intention of the material in any way [without contacting ALWS].

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