World's Poorest Countries: Your Christmas Action

Come with us to Burundi, one of the five poorest countries in the world,
and meet the people whose lives you change.

Hear the horrors they suffer.
See the comfort your help can give.
Celebrate the joy we now can share.

Your kindness is inspiring,
this work is yours. Thank you!

Do you dance?

You may think that a strange way to ask your help for someone in one of the world’s poorest countries …

… yet you need to dance if you want to fully share in the joy you bring with your kindness!

Before we dance, we need to take you to a place no travel agency will. In fact, the ‘Smart Traveller’ website warns very sternly ‘DO NOT TRAVEL’.

Burundi. One of the poorest countries on the planet.

Yet Lists and Warnings don’t tell you much about how it hurts when you are the poorest.

Francine can tell you. Take a minute to read her story below.

After you’ve talked with Francine, you’ll meet Melanie. She’ll tell you that the watering can, seeds and hoe someone like you provided is already helping her see the future a little brighter.

Whatever you do, don't miss out on Stani's story! His joy at your help simply overflows!

This is the work you will do with your Christmas Action gift this year.

Seeds for a Kitchen Garden. Help for a family to build a house. Garden tools for a farmer mum.

Choose your Christmas Action donation - then let’s join hands and dance, to celebrate the new life you offer the poorest people on earth!

Meet the people you help

Melanie's story will show you how your gift can help someone suffering as much as Francine...
...and if you can read Stani's story without crying - or dancing - you're stronger than us!


'We suffer so much'

Francine lost 3 children in childbirth. Listen to her, and you’ll hear the agony in her eyes…


Pushing us from behind

Melanie lost her husband and son to war, and her daughter to sickness. Despite this pain, she now cares for orphans.


Motivated by love

Asterie is a member of our LWF partner team. She lives in the village with the people, so she can better deliver your care.


Before you came

Village Chief Stanislav has seen the changes you helped bring … and you should see his reaction to your kindness!

How you will help

Choose your Christmas Action. Your kindness brings joys to even the poorest places on earth!

Free a mum $47

Change this! Provide literacy classes + training in human rights + gender equality.

Build a house $465

Replace this! Teach brick-making and basic construction, and help supply iron sheets for the roof.

Equip a Farmer $97

Grow this! Supply a farmer with tools – pick-axe, hoe, shovel, wheel-barrow and watering can.

Your choice

Whatever you feel blessed to give to care for people in the world's poorest countries.