Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL)

The LLL has operated since 1921, and assists the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to Australians and people around the world. Primarily this is done through financial support to the various ministries of the LCA.


LLL provides support to ALWS in a number of ways:


Project Support

Since 2007, the LLL has provided a $250,000/year grant to support a joint Board for Mission, Lutheran Education Australia and ALWS program called “Strengthening Churches for Service in Indonesia.”


The program is working towards achieving its long-term goal of “strengthening the capacity of the Indonesian Lutheran churches to live out the Gospel in a predominately Muslim society through effective service to the wider community.”


ALWS is responsible for the ‘aid and development’ component of the program, which focuses on the Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Development Studies.


As funds are available LLL also provides special one-off gifts to ALWS. In 2010 it provided $20,000 to support flood relief efforts in Pakistan.


LLL – ALWS Support Fund  

LLL has established permanent funds that support various LCA ministries.  The LLL-ALWS Support Fund has been created with the aim to fund ALWS’ operating costs through an annual allocation to ALWS of returns generated by the Fund. Donations and/or bequests can be made to the Fund, with an assurance that the capital is never spent.


Interest-Free Accounts

LLL offers depositors zero-interest accounts, allowing them the option to allocate the equivalent of interest foregone to their ministry of choice.


Thanks to this LLL facility and the generosity of LLL depositors, the LLL is able to annually allocate a substantial gift to support the work of ALWS.


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