Evangelical Lutheran Church Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG)

Through the Church Partnership Program (CPP) in PNG, ALWS works to strengthen the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG’s capacity to improve the livelihoods of people in PNG.

The CPP works closely with the departments of the Lutheran church to conduct workshops and trainings on capacity building in areas such as good governance, management, health, education and skills training.


Both Australian and Papua New Guinean governments recognise that working through the churches remains the most effective and transparent way of reaching those most in need in PNG.

The program is largely funded by AusAID and involves seven PNG mainline churches and their Australian faith based NGO partners.


The overall goal of CPP ELC-PNG is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Church so that it can support and challenge its people “to participate in God’s economy; to engage in the management of the household and to promote responsible stewardship and good governance that provides sustainable development.”

(The late Rt Rev. Dr Wesley Kigasung, CPP Church Leaders Forum, Port Moresby 2008)


Through the CPP, ALWS are able to offer support through the following Departments of the ELC-PNG:


  • Education
  • Health
  • Capacity-Building – Financial Services & Administration
  • Lutheran Development Service
  • Human Resouce Management Division
  • Office of General Church Secretary
  • Women and Youth Divisions.

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