This project provides support to the Ministry of Education Jubbaland, while providing access to education for children with disabilities, improved wellbeing and access to various other services for these children, and strengthened security capacity and welfare for LWF staff. The project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).


Promoting access to quality education for children with disabilities in Kismayu, Somalia




1,584 people


LWF Kenya-Djibouti-Somalia

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'Reviving my hopes'

Fatima is 16 years old, and lives in a camp for Displaced Persons in Somalia.

A drought killed the family’s cattle. Armed militia attacked, wanting to kidnap young girls to be child soldiers or ‘wives’.

Fatima remembers:

“The situation was so hard. We did not have food and shelter.

Sometimes I help my mother to do domestic work like washing clothes and that was the daily living for the whole family.”

Fatima is one of 1,500 children in an Accelerated Learning Program you supported through ALWS, helping older children who have missed out on school to catch up.

Students received the school uniform you see Fatima wearing, and now have clean safe water, school lunches, and toilets to ensure girls have privacy and are safe.

“I am very grateful for you reviving my hopes. Now I can focus on my education. I want to be a teacher – a role model and pillar for other displaced children to become teachers in hard times.”

ALWS acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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  • 14 Accelerated Learning Program teachers teach students at the two learning centres
  • 1,500 children out of school in Kismayu enrolled into the Accelerated Learning Program
  • 1,500 learners provided with safe drinking water
  • 500 hygiene kits for adolescent girl learners
  • 4 school enrolment drives to inform and encourage participation of parents, guardians, children and community members
  • School uniforms provided to 750 learners
  • Teaching and learning materials for 1,500 learners
  • Construction of 4 classrooms
  • 1,500 students provided with nutritional support through the school feeding program for 5 months
  • 50 desks for the increased number of learners
  • Ministry of Education staff supported with training and capacity building on educational quality and standards monitoring.

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In 2020, the team in Somalia learned there are ways to reach a large number of learners, and to implement a school shift system in order to leave no child behind, and best utilising the scarce resources.

The project provided quality education to 1,582 children who are at risk of being recruited into child labour, child marriage or simply not receiving the education they deserve.

The project also supported the Ministry of Education to gradually take over the running of the school, ensuring the sustainability of ALWS’ project funding.

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