published in Christmas ActionPovertyYour Love At Work on January 22, 2020

Your hope heals hearts

It’s a challenge to work in one of the most desperate places on earth. Yet your kindness and generosity means the team you support can keep on taking your love to where it’s hardest.

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When the UN rates your country in the bottom 5 least developed countries in the world…

… and the 5 year civil war that only ended in April 2018 is reported (by New York Times) to have killed 383,000 people

… and travel websites say simply DO NOT VISIT

 … you might wonder how the LWF team you support in South Sudan can find any reason to smile.

The answer is YOU. Your kindness and generosity means the team can keep on carrying your love and support to where it’s hardest – and now they can also carry with them the Messages of Hope sent by the ALWS family as part of your 2019 Christmas Action.

384 messages were collated into 4 books to go across South Sudan, and delivered by Julie Krause in January 2020. You can see one book being handed over above. Project Officer Peter Monbior sends this message to you:

“On behalf of the team LWF in South Sudan we really appreciate this gift and the kind words, in addition to the kindness the Australians continue to show to the people of South Sudan.

We really hope that you continue standing with this country in prayer and also in support, so that someday we are going to have an opportunity of reciprocating this kindness when this country is well. Thank you very much!”

Meanwhile, Alier Atem Gabriel, also an LWF Project Officer, shared his thoughts for Australians hurt by bushfires:

“Greetings from South Sudan LWF. We are grateful for Australian, for the help they have done for so long.

We are also praying for you for water and also for bushfire disaster. May God care for those who are affected.

We still remember you. You are in our prayers all the time, and we wish you can quickly recover from the disaster. God bless you.”

Rev Daniel Deng is Bishop of Episcopalian Church in Duk county of South Sudan, but as a resident of Toowoomba for 14 years, says:

“Greetings to Australia! I am a fellow citizen. 

I would like to pass on our great appreciation for LWF in this County. We have suffered much, but we are still praising God.

We appreciate the heart of LWF to respond even in times of insecurity and hardships. It is clear you have a heart for people. You share God’s love.

We thank the Australians that you have a heart for making a difference. Keep it up Australia!”

Thank you, South Sudan team. Your words and prayers encourage us!