published in Child ProtectionChildrenRefugees on August 13, 2018

When your help arrives by donkey

Ahmed lives at Ali Addeh refugee camp in Djibouti. He is an orphan, and shares what your help means for him and his four younger brothers and sisters he looks after …

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“I was born here in the camp.

My mother died in 2013. My father died last year.

The children were present when my parents died, but the young ones don’t remember. My auntie is a very generous person, and helps care for us.

Here it is already a hard life, 
and then we lost our parents.

It is so hard looking after the children. Now there is so much more stress. We are young, but we have to find a way to build our future.

I try my best.

Just now we are fine with the food we have and the shelter we have. Emotionally though, there are some problems, and many stresses when we think about our parents. This is when we get upset.

LWF (our ALWS partner) support us with clothes for the children. They also advocated for us to have this shelter. They support the food ration to be brought by donkey to our home.

We also have the school. I would like to be a Professor in computer studies. I learn computers at school, but only one lesson per week. Next year in Grade 10 I will learn more.

We hope for a good future, and we wait for the chance to go to another country so we can build a future. Here as a refugee we can have no future.”

A place to learn

Hayat attends the new school the ALWS family helped build at Ali Addeh Refugee Camp:

“This Kulmiye school here is important for many things. If it is not here, there is no place for people to learn.

I thank the people who have given money for this school.”

Hayat features in this 3 minute Thank You Video from Kulmiye School.

Thank you in six languages from ALWS on Vimeo.