published in FarmerFarming / Agriculture on July 26, 2018

Tomatoes times ten!

Romwald Ndayisenga is a farmer in Burundi, who received training from you through local ALWS partner, LWF (Lutheran World Federation). Here, he tells how his life has improved 10 times over!

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"Before, one tomato bush has ten tomatoes. Now it has 80!"

“LWF supported us in the agricultural training.

Before, our crops were destroyed by diseases and too much rain.

After our training, we are able to expand our farms. LWF also help us when the farm is not good – they give us advice what to do. 

I grow tomatoes, cabbage and eggplant. I can harvest three times per year. We learn about compost, manure and spacing the plants.

Before, one tomato bush has ten tomatoes. Now it has 80. My income has increased ten times.

Now I am able to buy some other plots of land, and also cattle, so my family lives better.” 

Before LWF, I was also growing vegetables, but earning very little. I didn’t manage to grow beautiful farm like this one I have now. 

I also now know the importance of vegetables for my children’s health. Before, my children were often sick, and we must spend much money on healthcare. We must go to the health centre – but is far away, three hours walk. It is too far. If the child is sick during the night, we must wait until the next day.

My wife is very happy now because work has become easier.

I can afford to pay people to help me. My wife is also very proud because I am visited by the team from ALWS. 

With my new income I would like to start a business at local market, so I can sell more vegetables.

I want my children to be well-educated so that they can become authorities. I want them to go beyond university. I myself have only literacy classes. I think this education for them is possible. If God helps, this will happen. 

I would like to say thank you for your support, because it helps us so much.

I would like to ask those farmers who help us to continue their support so we can be like them.”