published in ChildrenEducationRefugees on May 31, 2019

Schools inside the Camp

At a Displaced Persons Camp in Rakhine State, children and their families live with little food, hardly any healthcare, and an atmosphere of fear and distrust. You can help change all that…

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Image: ALWS / Magdalene Vogt

UPDATE: July 2019

Matching Grant achieved – thank you!

These children were toddlers when the conflict that ruined their lives happened.

When we talked to their parents, they told us how their houses were burned down.

How ‘men with long knives’ came and attacked.

How they were driven from their homes to these camps, and are still here.

Yet when you meet these children in the 30 second video below, you will be inspired.

Despite everything they’ve suffered, they’re determined to build something better. As Engineer. Mid-wife. Doctor. Teacher. Hygiene Officer. Nutritionist. Police Officer.

And you can help them build this future.

These schools are part of an ALWS plan to support building 48 Temporary Learning Spaces and 20 Child Friendly Spaces for Muslim Rohingya children.

At the same time, you’ll support Buddhist Rakhine children in 15 schools, as these children are also victims of poverty and the brutal conflict.

Buildings need to be repaired, renovated or simply built. Teachers need to be recruited, and trained, and equipped with the teaching aids they need. Children both Rakhine and Rohingya, Buddhist and Muslim, need schoolbags and text-books and pencils and papers – and even raincoats!

The great news is that ALWS has secured a grant
from the European Union
that matches your donation 34:1!

This means a gift of just $20 can support two children to go to school through the ALWS GRACE Project.

As you give, you share the message that peace is possible, that neighbours are neighbours, that all are equally deserving of respect and rights.

It is in these small steps that trust can be rebuilt. Forgiveness offered. Healing begun.

Building by building, teacher by teacher, lesson by lesson – you can bring love to life where so much love has been lost.

Jonathan in Myanmar 1.5.19 from ALWS on Vimeo.

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