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Think ‘possible’!

When you first meet Rita, and see her amputated arm, it seems impossible she could start her own business sewing clothes…

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Yet through ALWS you equip Lutheran churches in Indonesia to bring love to life for people like Rita. 

“My life was fairly normal until 2012. Then I got sick and had a lump on my arm. I thought it was just a simple boil, but it kept getting bigger and the pain was getting much worse.

I was feeling deeply sad because I am thinking I will not be able to care for my children.”

When Rita finally went to the doctor, she was told she needed her arm amputated to stop the pain and tumour.

“I felt it would be better to have no arm,
but be able to care for my children.

After the operation, I felt shy and shame, and did not want to go out into the community.  I just stayed in the house.”

That’s when the team you support working with the Lutheran church in Indonesia came to Rita’s village, and showed her skills-training she could do.

“I chose to learn about sewing because in my village there is no tailor.

I like to do the drawing of the pattern, but it is very difficult for me to thread the cotton and wind the bobbins.  Many times I have felt very frustrated, but I keep on trying. 

“After I had made the first clothing,
I felt very happy because I could do it!

Now I want to have a personal business in my house and bring in some extra income to help with food and schooling for my children.  I hope to grow the business.

I am feeling strong and confident. I tell others to be confident too.  Don’t hide.  Don’t think ‘impossible’!  Think ‘possible’!  It is possible if you keep trying!”

ALWS is grateful for the support of the Australian Government in Indonesia through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program.

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