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NEW! Farm fresh frogs, Four-legged Fertiliser Factory …

…Fried Peanut Kitchen! Gifts of Grace are a great way to help people AND share your values at the same time.

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It’s Gifts of Grace time again … and we have some great gifts for you this Christmas!

With just $6, you can give a Chicken (plus bag of feed, plus cage materials) to a family in Cambodia …

… and use your Grace Card to wish a family member a ‘cLucky New Year’.

You can tell a friend to ‘hop to it’ with a Frog Farm for $70. Your gift includes:

  • young frogs
  • plastic material for pond
  • net and wooden pole for catching frogs

As for a $34 Fried Peanut Kitchen, you might think it looks like some kind of weapon … but it’s actually a Smile-Making Machine.

What’s great is that 6 of our Gifts of Grace are under $10 – perfect for children (and grandchildren) to give, and receive. Plus, every gift is tax-deductible.

This year we have new fold-out Grace Cards, with:

  • photo of your gift
  • description of how it helps people
  • message from a person helped …

“A few years ago we had nothing.

“Our children would often be hungry … now, our farming is so much better.”

There is a different Grace Card for each gift, plus matching envelope … and you simply use the Grace Card as your Christmas gift!

You can feel some of the joy you will give with your Gifts of Grace when you watch our happy 2 minute video  …

… and you can find out more about the countries where you help people when you click on to our interactive world map.

Gifts of Grace is a wonderful way you can help people in developing communities (last year it provided more than $630,000 of Grace Aid through ALWS) …

… and share your values with family and friends as you delight them with unique, meaningful gifts! Enjoy!

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