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Increase your impact in Burundi FIVE TIMES

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Great news!

ALWS has secured a new 5:1 Grant from the Australian Government to support your life-protecting work in Burundi.

Now, your kindness can increase in impact FIVE TIMES!



This news could not have come at a better time for a mum like Sylvie, as hunger threatens her children.

Sylvie lives in a poor village in Burundi, one of the five least-developed countries in the world.

Her house is made of mud and straw. Sylvie’s feet are twisted almost back to front, making the hard work of farming her half hectare plot even harder.

Yet she battles on to give her children a better life:

“I dream of being able to build a decent home so my children and I can live in dignity.

I want us to be self-sufficient in nutrition.”

See Sylvie’s story here…

In ‘good’ times, families like Sylvie’s struggle to afford even two meals a day.

Now, as the war in Europe disrupts grain from Ukraine and Russia going to countries like Burundi, children are under increased threat.

That’s where you step in,
with your life-protecting 5:1 donation!


Every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. ALWS has committed to contribute $1 for every $5 received from the Australian government. Your donation will allow us to extend our programs.



Your 5:1 donation can teach families practical ways to increase farm harvest:

  • plant in rows
  • produce organic fertiliser from animal manure
  • use compost to enrich the soil
  • make mulch to preserve the moisture content

You also supply tools like hoes and mattocks, and improved seed varieties that resist pests and drought.



You help protect families through hard times by supplying livestock they can breed.

Cows, goats and chooks provide the ‘base’ for homemade fertiliser …

PLUS provide eggs and milk to improve children’s health

PLUS give a family extra income as they sell surplus produce

PLUS the 5:1 Government Grant increases your impact

PLUS, if you donate by Thursday 30 June, you can claim any tax benefit you are due this financial year.



Too many people in Burundi have nowhere safe to live.

You’ll see in the Photo Booklet the mud and straw hut where Sylvie and her children live.

When the rain comes, the walls are washed away. Children are exposed to sickness from the wet and the wind.

When children are already weak from hunger, even something as simple as diarrhoea can be fatal.

Our ALWS aim is to support 80 of the poorest families to build their own safe secure houses.

People already know how to make mud bricks.

You supply essentials like nails, and support families to fit door and window frames, and build strong wind-resistant walls.

Importantly, whatever donation your heart leads you to give can be matched with the 5:1 Government Grant to ALWS!

For example, while it costs $29 per person (on average) to supply all the help I explained to you above (cows, chooks, seeds, house) to someone like Sylvie …

… the 5:1 Grant increases your $29 gift to help a whole family facing hunger!

The family you help will be the most vulnerable, and in danger of being forgotten on the margins of the community:

  • disability, as in Sylvie’s family
  • children under 5, in extra danger from hunger
  • elderly people, who are frail
  • widows and abandoned mums, caring for children on their own.




This Information Sheet shows you the facts and figures of your ALWS action in Burundi.

The Photo Booklet takes you deeper into what those facts and figures mean for people like Sylvie and her children.

It can be tough seeing their pain, and hearing their hurt …

… but we pray you will be encouraged by Sylvie’s courage.

See her big smile as she looks with hope to the better future you support her to give her children with a house and with food:

“If these two needs can be met,
I can find the strength to work harder
so my children can stay in school.”

Our hope now is you too may ‘find the strength’, and use the 5:1 Government Grant to help a family like Sylvie’s in Burundi.




How your donation is used wisely
You help with practical care
Your donation supports the ALWS program in Burundi, aiming to support 2,571 of the most vulnerable families.
Your donation is matched 5:1 with an Australian Government Grant, as follows:

Every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding
from the Australian Government to reach more people.
ALWS has committed to contribute $1 for every $5
received from the Australian government.
Your donation will allow us to extend our programs.

Should ALWS receive income beyond what is needed in the Burundi project, your donation will be used in other ALWS-supported development projects.
Information in this communication is based on data correct at time of writing, and may change. Funds and other resources designated for the purpose of aid and
development will be used only for those purposes and will not be used to promote a particular religious adherence or to support a political party, or to promote
a candidate or organisation affiliated to a particular party, or to support welfare activities as defined by DFAT. For more information, call: 1300 763 407

Being careful with your care
In 2021, ALWS ‘overheads’ (fundraising and administration costs as defined by ACFID Code of Conduct) were 16.7%. The 5 years average is 15.4%.
A copy of the most current ALWS Annual Report can be viewed at or requested: 1300 763 407.

Your privacy is important to us
ALWS collects personal information about you in order to process your gift. A copy of the
ALWS Privacy Policy is available at If you don’t wish to receive further news
from ALWS, simply call 1300 763 407 or write to

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