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Hope Spot 19 – Your good news in a world of bad news

You’re giving hope to Children of war in Myanmar


“To enter Myanmar is to travel not just to a forgotten war, but to country severed from the outside world. Much of the mobile phone network, internet and electricity has been cut off …”


Quentin Sommerville, BBC News, Myanmar

Wednesday 22 May


Thank you for all you do through ALWS to bring help and hope to children of war.


The BBC News report above comes from Quentin Sommerville, who spent a month in the east of Myanmar, living alongside resistance groups fighting against the military junta.


What struck me is the reporter saying Myanmar is a ‘forgotten war’.


Yes, it may be to the world …


… but it’s not to people like you, giving love and care through ALWS.


Working through our ALWS partner LWF (Lutheran World Federation), you support 60+ life-transforming activities inside Myanmar for families in danger. Here’s just a few:

(Photo:Mi Mi Khine / LWF)


  • Farmer Field Schools
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Growing chilies – see photo!
  • Flyproof household latrines
  • Handwashing stations: soap / ash
  • Personal care Kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, nail cutter, soap, soap dish, towels, bowls, liquid soap, bucket, brush
  • Support vulnerable children to go to school: textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, backpack
  • Gravity-fed water supply




In the last week, ALWS has received news of a new 5:1 Grant from the Australian Government.


What’s extra exciting is there is a 3.9% increase on what ALWS received last financial year!


This means your donation to help children of war in Myanmar now has SIX TIMES the impact!




Your donation is also tax-deductible, and if donated by 30 June can be claimed as a tax benefit this financial year.


You can find out more about your ALWS action in Myanmar here.


Thank you for all you do for people through ALWS, and especially for children of war, like these children I met in a Displaced Persons Camp in Rakhine State:

Photo: ALWS / Magda Vogt

The children’s smiles as they go to the school (Temporary Learning Space) built through ALWS …


… show the impact of the help you give, how you are good news in a world of bad news.


Your love and kindness and compassion transform the lives of the people you help in countries like Myanmar (and Ukraine, and Bangladesh) …


and show your neighbours in Australia what it means to live by values that bring love to life.


You are a gift that blesses. That’s good news. ALWayS! Thank you!

PS: If prayer is one of the ways you like to help people through ALWS, here are some prayer points the LWF team in Myanmar sent us, in their own words. Please pray:


  • that every ethnic group living in Myanmar would be permitted to utilize their human rights and live peacefully free from injustice and fear
  • vulnerable communities get relief from “arbitrary arrest, detention, killings, movement restrictions including conscription of youths” and have better access to peaceful and dignified living conditions.
  • for anonymous team member whose younger brother was arrested on false charges, and whose parents’ house was burnt down in conflict
  • the people of Myanmar find peace and stability at the soonest, moving forward beyond the current chaos
  • needs on Food, Health care, Clothing, Shelter, Clean/safe Water, Safety and Security, freedom of movement, Citizenship/Identity, Travel Authorisations, MoU, VISAs etc.
  • all Myanmar Citizens, Men and Women, Children, People with disability, and the Sick ones), Muslim Rohingya and Kaman, Rakhine, Karen, Chin …
  • Peace and Justice for our Myanmar country
  • LWF continues to facilitate the community empowerment and development process through LWF’s missions
  • Both LWF Myanmar and International staff may have love, peace and respect each other.




Your 5:1 donation is used wisely


♥ You help with practical care

Every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people. ALWS has committed to contribute $1 for every $5 received from the Australian Government. The total Australian Government Grant that ALWS has allocated to Myanmar projects is $440,500. 
Therefore, ALWS must raise $88,100 to fully match this 5:1 Grant. ALWS aims to do this by 30 June 2024. Should ALWS receive income beyond this amount, those funds will be used to support other ALWS projects that attract the 5:1 Government Grant, and other life-transforming ALWS. 
Your donation will allow us to extend ALWS programs. 


♥ You give ‘no strings attached’ aid

Information in this communication is based on data correct at time of writing, and may change. Funds and other resources designated for the purpose of aid and development will be used only for those purposes and will not be used to promote a particular religious adherence or to support a political party, or to promote a candidate or organisation affiliated to a particular party, or to support welfare activities as defined by DFAT. For more information, call: 1300 763 407


♥ Your kindness goes to work carefully

In 2023, ALWS ‘overheads’ (fundraising and administration costs as defined by ACFID Code of Conduct) were 15.43%. The 5 year average is 15.77%. A copy of the most current ALWS Annual Report can be viewed at or requested: 1300 763 407.


♥ Your privacy is important to us

ALWS collects personal information about you in order to process your gift. A copy of the ALWS Privacy Policy is available at If you don’t wish to receive further news from ALWS, simply call 1300 763 407 or write to

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) is The Overseas Aid & Development Agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia – ABN 36 660 551 871

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