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Hope Spot 18 – Whatever way you walk

850 people stepped out in ALWS Walk My Way Ukraine!


You don’t often see good news in the media, do you?


(90% of all media news is negative. That’s not because it’s all bad news in the world

… but because bad news gets 30% more attention.)


So today, here’s some GOOD NEWS I hope will brighten your day …


… especially as this week is national Volunteers Week.!


10 days ago, 850 people in Brisbane volunteered to step out in ALWS Walk My Way Ukraine.


You can see part of the crowd in the photo.


What I hope you notice is all the smiles! What you won’t see is anger, and people violently protesting and demanding ‘someone do something’ …


… instead, they did the ‘something’ themselves!


Just like you do with your kindness through ALWS.


What a joy it is to see 850 people, all in ALWS blue T-shirts, walking up to 12.5km, and raising $180,000+ to help Ukrainian children of war through ALWS!


So, let’s join the walk …

… whether you walked


… or wheeled


… or woofed and wagged


… or went for a win


… or waited with a wave


… or welcomed with a warble

Members of the local Ukrainian community supported the ALWS Walk My Way Ukraine with folksongs, national dance and delightful food at the Community Hub.


… or wore whatever you wanted

ALWS Executive Director  (left) with Honourable Grace Grace, local Government member (centre), and Peter Bongiorni, President of Ukrainian community in Queensland (right).


Photo Credit: Sue Gersch

… or got going in Gladstone


Whoops, I ran out of W words …


… except to say how wonderful that walkers from St Martins Lutheran Church in Gladstone, (540 kilometres north of Brisbane), also did Walk My Way Ukraine – their own way.


The team of 16 people aged 10 to 85, and one four-legged person, walked in Tannum Sands, along the Millenium Esplanade to High Bank on Wild Cattle Creek …


… and what’s extra wonderful is one member volunteered to DOUBLE whatever the church’s  Walkers raised!


How’s all that for good news?!


 My hope is that tonight, when you turn on your media news, and are hit with lots of bad news …


(including the intensified attacks on Kharkiv in Ukraine, where you work through ALWS renovating apartments so families can return home)


… this message of good news from ALWS can be a little spot of hope for you, and show you how precious your kindness will ALWayS be! Thank you!



PS: Walk My Way Ukraine is part of our ALWS goal in 2024 to help more than 200,000 children of war – children from Ukraine … refugee camps for Rohingya families in Bangladesh … Rohingya children trapped in Displaced Persons Camps inside Myanmar (more good news – ALWS welcomes a new 5:1 Grant from the Australian Government for this work) … refugee camps at Kakuma and Dadaab in Kenya … Displaced Persons Camps in Somalia … conflicts in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Whatever way you walk, your kindness goes a long way. Thank you!





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