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From lost to lawyer

When Eugenie’s parents died, she and little Esperanza lived on the road. Taken in by Pastor Issa and Jeanette, and supported by people like you to go to school, Eugenie dreams big!

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"God has not yet blessed us with our own children, but he has blessed us with these children."

“With our mother, we were not so well, and not so bad. We were OK. Mama would cook for us. She was washing clothes for people. My mother would then buy us clothes, shoes, books and pens. My Aunty sings us songs and tells us stories. I want to be a lawyer for UNHCR.”


Pastor Issa shares the blessing the girls have brought …

“The first time we saw these children was on the road.

Their mother had died, and there was no one to care for them, so they just lived on the road. My wife and I discussed their situation, and were worried for them. My wife said they should come here.

God has not yet blessed us with our own children,
but he has blessed us with these children.

I am a Pastor of God. I am a Christian. So I know when you do something good for someone, you are doing it for Jesus.

When I first arrived, I was received and welcomed, even though people did not know me.

So, when I saw these children in a bad situation,
I say that even though I am not rich, I will share what we have.

I built this house myself. Now I have extended it so the girls can have their own room. I don’t want to let my girls down.

Before the children roamed the streets. Now I give them very strict rules. They must come home after school, then sleep, and then they can play. They must play in this compound where I know they will be safe.

The girls call me Uncle, and my wife Aunty.

One day the small one came home from school, and I said to her do you have a story for me. She told me, and together we laughed. This is when I know we can be family.

Before, we pray as two.
Now, we pray as four.

I appreciate school very much for the girls.

We have talks together so I can help them grow their knowledge. I want them to be well-educated in respect and discipline, so they have a better chance of becoming employed. I would like my children to choose for themselves what they wish to be. I cannot choose for them.

I appreciate very much the support LWF give us – books, school uniforms, clothes, mattress, lotion, and they visit us.”

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