published in Farming / AgricultureFood Security on July 14, 2021

Farmers say hi
to high-tech!

How smart phones = smarter farming!

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When you’re a farmer in remote areas of rural Nepal, it can be tricky to get the advice you need. 

When is the best time to sell your crops? 

How should you deal with this pest?

And what’s making your cow so sick?

Farmer and zoology student Anil Acharya remembers his father having to walk for more than 2 hours to meet with an agricultural expert for help. That’s why he was so excited to be part of bringing a new way of support to the farmers in his community. 

Our local partner, LWF Nepal, have partnered with an app development company called Geokrishi.

Through the app on a smartphone, farmers can find a wealth of information.

Like good practice for farming and livestock raising, timing on when to plant, prices of agricultural inputs, troubleshooting for pest and weed control, and timing on when is good to sell produce. 

LWF Nepal asked Anil to help spread the word about the app, but Anil didn’t have a smartphone.

Yet he didn’t let that stop him! 

Borrowing his sister’s smartphone, Anil visited farmer after farmer in his community, teaching them how to use the app to improve their farming. Anil shares:

‘Farmers can get an idea of how to grow their crops with the help of this technique, and if there are any problems with their crops, they have the opportunity to get information regarding the solution through the app. 

The farmers are quite happy, as they have the opportunity to become a technician on their own at home through the app. Moreover, the farmers are expecting to increase their production and profit in their crops.’

Farmers also report enjoying the app – and being able to rely on it for accurate information. For example, while they could go to the local market to buy medicine for an animal, there’s no guarantee the medicine will work.

With the app, they can be confident in the diagnosis AND treatment options given. 

The app also makes farming help much easier for people who can’t travel, because of COVID lockdowns, or disability. 

PLUS the app helps provide a sustainable livelihood and source of income for Bhutanese refugee families living in Nepal.  

Anil is very proud to be able to help his community in such a practical way:

‘It is a big achievement for me. Many farmers praise me in front of my family about my contribution and technical support to the farmers in my village.

I myself have also learnt lots of thing while dealing with the farmers and exploring the knowledge through these digital apps.

I am emphasizing organic production in my work with the farmers and also the benefits of organic farming. 

I am so proud of being able to contribute to my village and the farmers.’

Great work, Anil…

…and well done LWF Nepal on finding such an innovative solution

…and thanks to our ALWS family and the Australian Government for making it possible!

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).