published in ChildrenRefugeesWar / Conflict on November 16, 2018

Children of War: Yemen, Bombed

5 year old Taaliah is a refugee from Yemen. She attends the pre-school centre our LWF team provides in Djibouti for children of refugees. Dad Salim shares why they’re here…

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“I left everything I have in Yemen. My house, my job, everything.

We came because of the war. Our house was bombed. So many people die. I saw the guns shooting, and the fire burning. My children say “Dad, there is war, we must leave.”  

My wife was killed. My little girl now does not remember anything about her mother.

We had to pay for a boat to leave. We had to sell everything, even the animals and my wife’s jewellery. It is worth it. We are now safe.

But we need help because I don’t have a job, and can’t give the children what they need. We have to beg for food from our neighbours. This is how we are surviving.

I want my daughter to learn.  That is why we come to the LWF centre. I want to help her. As soon as I heard about this centre, we come here, on the very first day. Taaliah is very happy to come here. I am wishing for her to be a teacher.”


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