published in ChildrenRefugeesWar / Conflict on November 16, 2018

Children of War: South Sudan, Orphaned

After their parents were killed by the war in South Sudan, 17 year olds Deng and Kuie now ‘parent’ the surviving children.

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Deng (left) and Kuie (centre back) are cousins. These 17 year olds now ‘parent’ the surviving children.

Deng shares …

“The raiders came and attacked our camp at night. My father ran to us and told us what had happened. He said that many people were killed, and the huts were burning. He said we must run. Everyone ran into the bush looking for safety, but we don’t know who is where.

When we arrived at Kakuma we see there are no gunshots, and so we feel Kakuma is good.

LWF give us mattresses, bed-sheets, soap, lotion, exercise books, school uniforms, files for exam papers … LWF are good people, the way they treat us, and visit us, and care for us.

If we did not have this help, we would be much worse. We would be sleeping in the dirt.”

Kuie adds:

“Even though my father has died, God is still with us right now. We have not seen God abandon us. God has given me this challenge to look after the children. We go to church every Sunday.”


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