published in Child ProtectionChildrenRefugeesWar / Conflict on November 16, 2018

Children of War: Somalia, Burned

Abdikadi is 6 years old. His family are from Somalia, but have been refugees so long both he and his mum Kafia were born in the refugee camp in Djibouti. Kafia shares …

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“The food in this camp is not enough for us. For one month we get only one half kilo of sugar. It is impossible to make it last.

Last year my house was burned. The wind blew over the lamp. My child was burned, and my husband was burned. The doctors have treated them.  Abdikadi was going to start school last year, but the fire affected us.

We need quality education to get a good life.

LWF helps us with education. They also give us therapy for the burns. They also do the Child Friendly Space. Abdikadi goes there sometimes to be with the other children, but because of his burns he cannot go there when it is hot.

Somalia is no solution for us because there is still war, and the threat of Al Shabab. I cannot go back. I miss my future, but I am not going to miss my children’s future.

The most important thing for a better life is education. This is the hope I have for my children.”


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