published in ChildrenEducationRefugeesThe GRACE Project on October 31, 2018

Asante from Asende

Asende has been a teacher at Kakuma since he fled his home in Congo in 2012. He sees first-hand the benefits of the schools you can help build. ‘Asante’ is Swahili for ‘thank you’.

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"If some can become teachers like me, this will be a blessing."

“We had a lot of challenges at this school before the new classrooms. Our old buildings simply collapsed.

Now we have this new one, thanks to you.

We appreciate so much the teaching and learning aids we receive. Our teachers are very happy.

I came to Kakuma in 2012. My family was attacked twice by armed bandits back in Congo. I was a teacher in DRC, and got my Diploma there.

I like teaching so much. I want these children to get knowledge like I have.

If some can become teachers like me, this will be a blessing.

The challenges are many. When you have 100 children in your class, it is difficult. During the rainy season, it is very difficult for teachers to get to school because of the floods. Therefore we are hoping the teachers can receive gumboots.

We ask the donors to now do the same work in other parts of our community.”


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