published in EducationRefugees on August 13, 2018

Applause for Aussies

Isman Ibrahim Robleh is a Technical Adviser for the Ministry of Education in Djibouti. Isman shares the impact your support of education through our ALWS partner, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), is making in refugee camp education…

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“What you have done in Ali Addeh and Holl-Holl is very important.

Education is light, and is very important for our brothers and sisters in the refugee sites.

What we want to say is that LWF has done very big and important things for the children.

We are proud to say thanks to the kind Australians who supported the work in Djibouti.”

When you build the classroom, when you give water, when you give food, all this is good for the children, good for Djibouti, good for humanity.

LWF is important because they did the work in education when we were not yet there. They have done really good work. LWF is a very good partner because they have experience in the field.

Even though the Government now has responsibility for education, we can have partners and work together – especially with children with specific needs, and teenagers in the camp.

LWF is very important. When you talk with the community, when they hear the name LWF, they applaud.”