Grow your kindness with a special 5:1 grant

Children of war trapped in Displaced Persons Camps in Myanmar seem to be forgotten by the world.

ALWS welcomes a NEW 5:1 Grant from the Australian Government for your work in Myanmar!

Your kindness to children of war here can now be increased SIX TIMES, making this a very wise investment to consider!

You can answer the prayer of a mother in Myanmar

We have been living here for seven years. We came here because in the conflict our house was burned.

At that time, we had two children. The children were crying. They did not want to come here. We do not have enough food for the children.

We could not take anything, only the clothes we wear. Sometimes the children have coughs and fever and fly. We have a lack of food and clothes.

I want my children to have an education.

If a child does not have education, they will not be able to get a job... This will make me very sad. I will feel very downcast if this happens.

That is why I am happy to see LWF provide materials and everything children need to go to school.

We are so happy that people in Australia help us.

You may be surprised what works best in your 5:1 ALWS action for children of war in Myanmar – and how much you do!

From equipping farmers to grow new crops like durian and chilies … to building bridges and toilets … to providing school backpacks (and everything that goes in them) … to breeding pigs, goats and cattle … 

… to training in avoiding landmines, where to build bomb shelters, helping your family survive in a war zone. 

Best of all, everything you do increases in impact SIX TIMES because of the 5:1 Government Grant!

ALWS has committed to contribute $1 for every $5 received from the Australian government. The total Australian Government Grant that ALWS plans to allocate to Myanmar projects is $440,500. Therefore, ALWS must raise $88,100 to fully match this 5:1 Grant. Your donation will allow us to extend our programs

Our aim is to confirm our ALWS match by 30 June, so the projects in Myanmar carry on without delay on Monday 1 July. (NB: This 30 June date also means you can claim any tax benefit you are due this financial year.) 

Give Today


Your gift of education to a child can never be taken away


Help farmers increase harvest to feed family year-round


Start a woman to success by helping build a business


Keep children safe with clean water, toilets and hygiene

Love Gift

Whatever you decide to give will make a impact for a child of war in Myanmar

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