12:1 Matching Grant for South Sudan

 … you can help a refugee child for two years for just $10.

We have been approached by the LWF (Lutheran World Federation) team you support in South Sudan about a new 12:1 grant.

The grant is offered by ECHO (European Commission Humanitarian Organisation) to help refugee children from Sudan go to school across the border in South Sudan.

Who you help with the 12:1 Matching Grant

Through this Grant, as part of the ALWS family, you can help 8,000 children fleeing Sudan and crossing into South Sudan.
While nearly two million people have fled from South Sudan, around 250,000 people have come into South Sudan – 80% from Sudan – desperate to find safety.

Through this grant the ALWS family can help up to 8,000 refugee school children.


Why these children need our help

The children you will help are in great danger.
We know some have witnessed brutal conflict, lost everything their families owned, walked for hundreds of kilometres as refugees, been weakened by hunger, and may now be suffering trauma.

Our help now is vital to protect children

We also know that 72% of children in conflict zones are missing out on school. Those lucky enough to go to school are packed in classrooms of 90 children.
On average, there is only one book between four students, so it is difficult for children to study.

What you do for the children you help

Your help is divided into two phases.

Children aged 6 – 13 will be supported to complete the 8 years of Primary education that leads to a certificate to attend Secondary school.
Children aged 14 – 17, who have missed out on school, will be supported through a four year Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), so they can catch up and earn their certificate too.

Your $10 investment per child (multiplied by the 12:1 ECHO Grant) helps provide each child over two years with:
Exercise books
Mathematical sets
Counting books

Where you will be working

You support the LWF team to work in 10 schools.
These are located in Ajuong Thok, Pamir and Yida in Ruweng (formerly Unity State) and in Yusuf Batil, Gendrassa and Kaya in Eastern Nile (formerly Upper Nile).
Unity State is where famine was declared earlier this year, so it’s clear families are utterly desperate to seek safety here.
You can see below you’ll be working right on the border:


How you support teachers to help children

Our plan is to train 300 teachers.
The teachers you support are refugees, and 96% of them lack a teaching certificate, or have not completed secondary education.
They work in a ratio of one teacher to 70 students, and have no training in classroom management. They are paid so poorly they may have to leave school during the day to
find other work in order to survive.

10 schools, 8,000 children, 300 teachers

This is a big plan, and only possible through the 12:1 ECHO Grant.
Our goal is to improve the psycho-social well-being of children affected by conflict – by offering normalcy, stability, structure and hope.
We want to increase children’s creativity, self-esteem and imagination …
… and decrease suffering from abuse, exploitation and violence.
Your education support is delivered by LWF within a larger response from aid agencies to the refugee crisis:

Our goal is to raise $79,643 by Friday 29 September, so we can deliver the full education program worth $932,337 thanks to the 12:1 ECHO Grant.

Your tax-deductible donation by Friday 29 September, at just $10 per child, can help these children who have fled to South Sudan go to school. Healing can begin, and hope be restored