When you go into a school in a refugee camp, you see lots of smiles.       

The children you help are safe. They are learning. There’s food to look forward to, and friends to play with.

Yet behind the smiles is a journey we can barely imagine....



Benesha is 12 years old.

Until two years ago, she lived a happy life in the Congo, where her mum and dad had a small business buying and selling bread.

But when her parents died, orphan Benesha had to go to live with her aunt.

Conflict forced the new family to flee. Finally they found safety at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, where they were welcomed by the LWF (Lutheran World Federation) team our ALWS family supports.

Benesha is in Grade 3, and loves it!

You can see her holding a Mighty Maths Multiplier sent by a friend in Australia through ALWS – one of the few learning aids children have.


Benesha would love to be a teacher…

… but her dream is in danger.




UNHCR has had to cut funding to Kakuma by 40%, which has a direct impact on the work you support in schools there.

Now, our team must somehow find a way to provide teacher, learning materials, school furniture and classroom repair for just $2 per child per month!    



The ALWS family supports 13,695 younger children at the 13 Early Childhood Development centres across Kakuma.


Here pre-school children are taught in English, and can learn the basics that can prepare them for success at school.

They make new friends, have fun and play, and learn to believe that life can be ‘normal’ again.

If education suffers, so does the child. They are at risk of child labour, abuse and early marriage. Their trauma continues.



So, what can you do?


Your gift of $26 can help 

make up the shortfall for one refugee child

for one year at school.


You will support our LWF program to provide books, teacher training and basics like a sturdy school-desk.


Classes will still be too big (100+ children). Teachers (refugees themselves) may still require more training.

Classrooms need repair. But your kindness means a refugee child like Benesha will have the chance to go to school… and one day be a teacher herself.


Your action is part of a larger ALWS plan to support refugee children …



  1.   Look for opportunities to maintain our ALWS support for schooling
  2.  Seek extra support now from caring people in Australia
  3.  Apply for grants from the European Commission (ECHO). We are working on one now to unlock $1 million worth of school support at Kakuma, provided we can raise $235,000 here in Australia.
  4.  Build long-term support for children – we are planning another ‘Walk My Way’ event for Palm Sunday weekend in 2019 PLUS hope to mobilise the whole Lutheran school system with a training pilgrimage to refugee camps in September 2019.


Benesha says her greatest wish is: “… for all the children to get an education.”


That’s our wish too. If you share this vision for refugee children who have lost everything,

Please give $26 per child per year NOW.




Drawing: LWF / Bwai – Kakuma Refugee Camp





Our ALWS goal is to bless 13, 695 refugee children like Benesha with the gift of school.

This is a gift no one can ever take away – and that’s truly worth smiling about!




Kakuma and Dadaab

The UN’s Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya is home to many efugees from across east Africa. 

When families fleeing war arrive at Kakuma or Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, the Lutheran-managed team is there to welcome them by providing for their basic needs, such as soap, clothing, household utensils, and food for approximately 14 days. The team also assesses their physical and emotional wellbeing, and refers them to appropriate places for follow up and support.

African Refugees

Another way in which you support those at refugee camps is by ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable are met. This includes making sure that orphans and unaccompanied minors are fostered to appropriate families and that these families receive the guidance they need to care properly for these children.

In addition to looking after new arrivals and supporting the most vulnerable refugees, you also help to provide for over 14,000 pre-schoolers by providing training for the teachers and a nutritious porridge for the children every day.

At Dadaab Refugee Camp you supply foldable wheel chairs to children with disabilities to enable them access schools and bed sheets to elderly persons.

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South Sudan

More than  1.3 Million people have fled their homes in South Sudan because of conflict and more than 450,000 new South Sudanese refugees have fled to neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda .

Working closely with the UN and other agencies, the Lutheran project in South Sudan has assisted the reintegration of people returning to their homeland after many years in refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

Recent projects supported by you through ALWS have focused on support such as mosquito nets, primary education, shelter reconstruction, water, sanitation and hygiene, peace building and human rights awareness. The current conflict in South Sudan means much funding has been diverted to care for displaced people who've been forced to flee their homes.

Your emergency care through ALWS includes seeds, fishing equipment, mosquito nets, veterinary care for cattle (an important source of livelihood), clean water, latrines, education equipment, support for vulnerable children, and disaster risk reduction.

Fishing Kit

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