Drawing: LWF / Bwai – Kakuma Refugee Camp


When you go into a school in a refugee camp, you see lots of smiles.       

The children you help are safe. They are learning. There’s food to look forward to, and friends to play with.

Yet behind the smiles is a journey we can barely imagine....


Photo: LWF / C. Kastner

 Faiza, who you see here, lost her husband to the conflict in South Sudan. Faiza was 9 months pregnant when she and her children, 6 year old Elizabeth and 9 year old James, began walking to safety in Uganda:

“Our feet were swollen, my children and I were thirsty and hungry, but we couldn’t retreat because walking to safety was our only option.’’

  Then, on the road, Faiza felt contractions begin.

 She knew she could go no further, and cried out for help. Other refugee women stopped, and helped. A baby girl was born in the red dirt.

 “The sound of her beautiful little cry washed away my sorrow,

tears filled my eyes, and I couldn’t stop smiling with joy.’’

 Faiza and the children were welcomed at the Uganda border by a Lutheran World Federation team you now support through ALWS.

 While mother and baby received special care at the Reception Centre (because babies cannot survive the cold at night), the best way to help older children like  James and Elizabeth is to get them into school.


 At just $26 a child, your donation can help pay for pens and pencils, writing books, teachers’ aids and training, school desks – and, in some camps, a hot lunch of CornSoyBlend porridge.

 You also support the children’s families in the refugee camp.


Our aim is to help 5,000 children, so decide how many you will help, then donate below...




The good news is there has been rain in parts of East Africa, and there are places where food crops may now grow.

We thank God for this gift … and continue to pray for areas where the threat of famine remains. We also pray for peace in South Sudan and Somalia, and comfort for the refugee children you help with your gift of schooling as they reach safety in Kenya and Uganda.

 Already, the great kindness of people like you has meant we can expand our ALWS care into Uganda, to welcome families like Faiza’s.


Faiza named her child born on the road Asante.

 This is the Swahili word for ‘thank you’. Faiza says she had a special reason for choosing this name:

 “I named her Asante to thank God for giving her life despite being born in the toughest conditions.’’


You deserve that Asante too - for everything you already do through ALWS for families in danger, and for anything you feel moved to do now to help  refugee children go to school.



Our ALWS goal is to bless 5,000 refugee children like James and Elizabeth - and Asante, as she grows - with the gift of school.

This is a gift no one can ever take away – and that’s truly worth smiling about!




Kakuma and Dadaab

The UN’s Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya is home to many efugees from across east Africa. 

When families fleeing war arrive at Kakuma or Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, the Lutheran-managed team is there to welcome them by providing for their basic needs, such as soap, clothing, household utensils, and food for approximately 14 days. The team also assesses their physical and emotional wellbeing, and refers them to appropriate places for follow up and support.

African Refugees

Another way in which you support those at refugee camps is by ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable are met. This includes making sure that orphans and unaccompanied minors are fostered to appropriate families and that these families receive the guidance they need to care properly for these children.

In addition to looking after new arrivals and supporting the most vulnerable refugees, you also help to provide for over 14,000 pre-schoolers by providing training for the teachers and a nutritious porridge for the children every day.

At Dadaab Refugee Camp you supply foldable wheel chairs to children with disabilities to enable them access schools and bed sheets to elderly persons.

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South Sudan

More than  1.3 Million people have fled their homes in South Sudan because of conflict and more than 450,000 new South Sudanese refugees have fled to neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda .

Working closely with the UN and other agencies, the Lutheran project in South Sudan has assisted the reintegration of people returning to their homeland after many years in refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

Recent projects supported by you through ALWS have focused on support such as mosquito nets, primary education, shelter reconstruction, water, sanitation and hygiene, peace building and human rights awareness. The current conflict in South Sudan means much funding has been diverted to care for displaced people who've been forced to flee their homes.

Your emergency care through ALWS includes seeds, fishing equipment, mosquito nets, veterinary care for cattle (an important source of livelihood), clean water, latrines, education equipment, support for vulnerable children, and disaster risk reduction.

Fishing Kit

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