In PNG, learning to read and write is an answer to prayer!

Generously supported by the Australian Government through DFAT, our Church partnership Program in PNG strengthens the Lutheran Church capacity to improve the livelihoods of local people. Like Nakusa Andrew, aged 34 years.

In remote and isolated PNG villages , children are not sent to schools due to long distances from home and school. Another factor is the non-availability of marketing avenue to earn revenue to pay school fees, especially when parents having more than 4 children attending school at the same time.  Nakusa is one of the many who had no experience in any form of education until 2009 when she was rescued through Adult Literacy Class funded by CPP.

Here Nakusa shares her story ...

"Before Adult Literacy Class, I was in a total darkness. Fear, shame and sorrow were my life. I don’t attend youth and women meetings because of my illiteracy. Furthermore, I hardly participate in any form of small income earning activities except the house keeping jobs.

"Flower gardening, arranging and selling were part of my job under my employer’s supervision. It was during that period of time, I carefully learnt and mastered all flower production skills.

"After graduating from the Literacy class in 2009 at the age of 32 with 2 children. I felt light entering whole of me and enlightening my soul. I knew for sure, there’s more to life than housekeeping jobs. After discovering my skills and abilities, I left the housekeeping job and I began to grow and sell flowers and also sell cooked fresh garden foods to employees of companies along the Highlands highway.

"Because I am able to read and write, I confidently do my marketing and began to pay for household food and clothes and school accessories for my child. Health expenses were also taken care of by me. My husband was unemployed that time so I was the bread winner for 2 solid years.

"If CPP was not here, I would have been out there in the darkness of illiteracy. I thank God for the great help he has given through Lutheran Church both PNG and Australia and currently ADRA PNG."

Action Idea:
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Country: PNG

Where: Throughout PNG

What: Institutional Strengthening Program


Contribution in FY15/16: $940,000 (DFAT)

Through ALWS, you continue to work with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG to improve its capacity to deliver effective education, health and development services in a number of provinces. Assistance includes workshops and trainings on capacity building in areas such as governance, general and financial management, and health education.

This work is funded by DFAT under the Church Partnership Program involving seven PNG denominations and their Australian partners.