From bonded labourer - to freedom!

In Nepal, many families are so poor they have to borrow money from ‘landlords’ to survive. Interest rates are so high, the loan can never be repaid. People are labourers bonded to the landlord, until like Shabhapati Chaudhary they are set free…

Before your help through ALWS, Shabhapati was a bonded labourer. She and her family had so little they often went hungry. 

Because of your support, the Lutheran (World Federation) team in Nepal taught Shabhapati about her rights. They also provided lessons in literacy and health. Best of all, thanks to you, they were able to help change the law in Nepal so Shabhapati could be free!

Now, Shabahapti is a banana farmer and chairperson of a Saving and Credit cooperative in her community of Khailad, Kailali district.

She started a small grocery shop in September 2013 and earns around $4.50 a day to help send her children to school. Her shop was started with a loan from the Cooperative which you help support through ALWS.

Shabhapti says: “We are very thankful for the support.  Because of your support we were able to change our lives.  I hope for ongoing support so more peoples lives can change.  We are happy with the people in your country.”

Action Idea:
The 2015 earthquake in Nepal shocked the world. So many people killed. So many houses destroyed. More than 3,000 landslides. Meanwhile, the everyday threat of monsoonal rain and erosion grows worse as climate conditions become more intense. Help provide safety training to people in Nepal on how to reduce the risk from climate disasters.
Safety Training - $6 

Country: Nepal

Where: Selected Districts of Western, Eastern and Central Nepal

What: Nepal Development PlanDisaster Risk Reduction; Emergency Preparedness and Response; Sustainable Livelihoods; Community-led Action for Governance and Justice

Direct Beneficiaries: 21,496 people

Indirect Beneficiaries: 74,616 people

Our Contribution in FY 15/16: $543,629 (DFAT $438,808.90; ALWS $119,820.10)

The Nepal Program covers 30 Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Kailali, Dailekh, Doti, Lalitpur, Morang and Jhapa districts of Nepal. LWF Nepal works with the most poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged families. LWF Nepal builds the capacity of disadvantaged communities to prepare for and recover from disasters, increases the food security and income generation of households, and supports individuals to access their rights, entitlements and basic services. Many beneficiaries of the program are women, Dalit, people with disability and youth. LWF Nepal seeks to uplift the status of the poor and marginalised, empowers people to claim their rights and supports duty bearers to fulfil their responsibilities. In the past, LWF Nepal supported the empowerment and emancipation of former bonded labourers and now continues its work to reduce caste based discrimination.

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