How we GROW when we work together

These ladies are members of the Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) or Women Farmers Group in Onowaembo village in Nias, Indonesia.

 Juliana Telaumbanua

They’re smiling because they’re happy to see the progress of their farm after they received training on effective agricultural practices from Lutheran ALWS partners in Indonesia, CDRM&CDS. Training included Integrated Organic Farming.

“Before, we could only get vegetables from the weekly market outside the village. Now we can provide for ourselves,” explained 40 year old Nuroman Lase, head of the group.  Most of us are farmers, but we were inefficient and unorganized. We are still poor, but with the groups and commission, we can work together and support each other.”

The Women Farmers Group has several farms, each planted with different types of vegetables such as chilli, spinach, water spinach, peanuts, corn and tomatoes. In the last harvest they made a profit of 500,000 Rupiah – more than $55!

The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) works closely with Lutheran churches in Indonesia through ALWS, Mission International, Lutheran Education Australia, supported by the LLL. It’s humbling to see what God can grow when we work together!

The CDRM Team is working in 23 communities across North Sumatra. Over the past 18 months they have worked with 2,884 families (nearly 8,500 people) to implement 290 different activities aimed at improving lives and livelihoods. 

Action Idea:
For too long, children with a disability have missed out on the education that caters for their special needs. On the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, there are many children who need this kind of support. You can help teachers be trained in inclusive education, so children with special needs can join children like those in the photo, so all can receive education to achieve their full potential.
Train a Teacher - $166

Haryanti Sunarto

Country: Indonesia

Where: Selected areas in North Sumatra, Nias Island & Mentawai Islands

What: Building disaster preparedness and response capacity; Helping communities manage their own development; Assisting churches and local organisations support community-based development

Who: Local communities, Lutheran Churches, community-based organisations

Our Contribution in FY15/16: $368,542.92 (DFAT $227,539.92; ALWS including generous support from LLL $141,003)

Direct Beneficiaries: 10,686 people

Indirect Beneficiaries: 53,430 people

Through ALWS, you support an innovative Centre of Learning which is building the capacity of churches, community groups and local organisations to deliver effective community-based programs. This Centre, based at Nommensen University, is called the Centre for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies (CDRM & CDS). Project offices are located in regional areas, allowing the staff to work with people in isolated villages. A focus of the centre’s work is helping communities prepare for natural disasters such as tsunamis and landslides. The 2010 Mentawai Islands Tsunami washed away entire villages, but thanks to this training, many lives were saved.

CDRM & CDS 2013 Annual Report

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