Universal Village Program Cambodia

Australian Lutheran World Service are proud to announce a wonderful partnership with our Cambodian partners, Life With Dignity (LWD), to enable more groups of students to travel overseas and learn.  For a number of years, LWD have been working towards developing their Universal Village Program to take overseas visitors to rural areas.  They have been actively supporting visitors since 2016, while supporting ALWS teams from 2004.

We are happy to encourage you or your group to join a UPV in Cambodia.

Universal Village Program (UVP)

The UVP enables visitors to participate in the rural development activities within LWD target areas through hands-on activities and learning about development practices. Participants will see the impact of the LWD operation in target rural areas.

It is aimed that participants will:

  • Learn about development practices and the changes that long-term development initiatives encourage
  • Meet villagers in their community and hear their stories
  • Learn how we can help set people free from poverty and oppression
  • Experience the Cambodian culture and customs
  • Come face to face with the joys and challenges of development
  • Be equipped and inspired to lead their community in real action
  • Meet the poor, including those who have experienced hunger and homelessness. 

The UVP is usually one week in the rural area (negotiable). 


Introduction for Interested Groups / Schools / Churches

Introduction for individuals or couples

Activities List

Sample 5-day program

(Please keep in mind that all itineraries will be different – you create an itinerary that suits your group and the people living in the rural area that you are travelling to.)

What to Bring List

Risk Assessment

Individual Expression of Interest Form – Please send this ASAP to have the best chance at travelling at a time that suits you best.

Group Leader Expression of Interest Form – Please send this ASAP to have the best chance at travelling at a time that suits you best.


LWD Universal Village Program Webpage:  lwd.org.kh/lwd/uvp

How ALWS can support you and your group

ALWS will still be there to support our Lutheran Schools or other groups!  In particular, we will offer you:

  • Support and advise throughout all your planning
  • ALWS teacher / tour leader training (3 hours+)
  • Parent Night information
  • Content for two full training days
  • Recommended reading for all participants before travel
  • ALWS example Forms and Booklets and Information sheets
    • Application Form for Students
    • Application Form for Teachers
    • Interview Questions for Students
    • Teacher Booklet
    • Student Booklet
    • Travel Insurance
    • Visa Information
    • Immunisation Information
    • Example Newsletters


We do suggest that it may be beneficial to Australian school groups to join together with one or two other schools to make the best use of teacher time and expertise.

Don’t hesitate to contact ALWS or LWD if you would like more information or simply have some questions.