4:1 ECHO Grant Kakuma Refugee Camp

GREAT NEWS! The 4:1 Matching Grant is locked in!


You can now use the 4:1 Grant to help at-risk children at Kakuma Refugee Camp go to school!
You will help the children in most danger – orphans, children with special needs, and over-age learners like Elizabeth who have suffered terribly.

The project started on 1 June. We stepped out in faith committing to raise the $240,000 needed, and now rely on the kindness of people like you.

This is how it works:




JUST $27 can provide a school uniform. $59 a school desk. $9,008 a whole new classroom.

$168 can fit out a whole school with materials for children with special needs. Look here to see how you can help, then click below to send your support.

PLUS every $ is matched with $$$$ from the ECHO Grant. What’s exciting is how your 4:1 Grant help now, can have a life-long impact.



I met Elizabeth two weeks ago when I was at Kakuma, and have included my interview notes for you here

When Elizabeth was 13, her father offered her as wife to an old man, for the price of a few cows. Elizabeth ran away, but was caught and taken by the man. He forced her to have his babies when she was just 15.

You can use the 4:1 Grant to support someone like Elizabeth in an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) to complete Grades 3 – 6 in two years, studying with young people her own age, who suffered the same kind of trauma she did.



NEW!! You can support a Refugee Teacher

You can now support a teacher for the complete 18 month Accelerated Learning Program for $1,800 – or set up a monthly donation for just $100.
Our aim is to support 76 teachers. 

Teachers use thematic teaching principles. They incorporate a concept like ‘Home’ in each subject, whether Maths, Science, Health or Language.

 Asende, the Deputy Principal at Shabelle Early Childhood centre said: " I like teaching so much. I want these children to get knowledge like I have. If some can become teachers like me, this will be a blessing. 

The challenges are many. When you have 100 children in your class, it is difficult. During the rainy season, it is very difficult for teachers and children to get to school because of the floods. The resources are limited."

As you can see with more than 100 children in class, and few resources, your support is precious.

 CLICK HERE to download a form to support a Refugee Teacher monthly or

Please donate by 30 June to claim your tax benefit this financial year.

This 4:1 Grant is a step of faith to help children who have lost everything. Whether you give $8 for Teacher Resources, or $9,008 to build a classroom, every $ you give can be matched with $$$$ from the Grant (to the full $240,000 needed).