This Christmas... you can help save the lives of children in poor communities in Indonesia through ALWS Christmas Action.


What’s exciting is the value of your help is DOUBLED!

Your gift is matched dollar for dollar by the Lutheran family in the US – up to our target of $250,000 each.

It’s a fresh way of encouraging each other to do more!

 Christmas action


Your DOUBLED gift will support practical hands-on action like:

  • Latrines and water filters to improve children’s health
  • Pineapple plantations, loans for farmers, and small business training so families can earn
  • extra income to support their children at school
  • Extra support for children with disabilities
  • plus classrooms, pigs and chickens, a library for street kids, rice barns, training in furniture-making … and much more!

Please join our Christmas Action to change life for the children of Noriati, who lost her husband to cholera 11 years ago.

“I went to work for other people as a labourer doing rock mining. It’s hard work to collect the sand and rocks from the river, then carry them up to the place where we have to crush them and fill a box. I can earn only $24 in one week.

 I must leave my son in the house when I have to go to work. Sometimes my son must even lay down in the yard, and I cannot take care of him. Other times my children must come with me to the sand-mine.

I feel sad because my children get sick many times. I am very worried about the future for the children.” 

“I do not want to keep working like this… but I’m worried about my skills.  I never attended school in my whole life.

Whatever happens, I will focus on my family, and keep working so my children can get an education. I hope they will study until at least senior high.  This is a promise I made to myself since my husband passed, and I sacrifice myself for them.

"I dream that someday in the future they will have skills for something

like a salon or a kiosk, so they can earn money, and not be picking up rocks.”  

Your gift of $125 can provide a widow like Noriati with training in a skill like tailoring, or raising pigs or chickens. You provide materials and tools to get started, and support a Revolving Fund to turn new skills into a new business.

Please send your Christmas Action help now.

What’s exciting is your gift will be DOUBLED!



Your DOUBLED gift is fully tax-deductible and delivered by our partner CDRM&CDS to help the children

of families in the poorest and most remote communities in Indonesia.

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